Kristen Stewart Talks Love And Armpits In British Vogue

Kristen Stewart Breakup

Yeah, you're gonna want to buy the October issue of British Vogue — if only for Christa D'Souza's bewildered recollection of the one time Kristen Stewart opened up to her, a month before le scandale, during a Parisian smoke break: "'My God, I'm so in love with my boyfriend. I wish he was here now. I think I want to have his babies. God, I miss him. I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don't get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love. Don’t you think it’s the whole point?' Looking back, the exchange still feels surreal. It took place just three weeks before those incriminating pictures were allegedly taken. Was she even talking about Pattinson? Was she having on me? Who knows?" [Vogue UK via iSubscribe]


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