Wo-Supe Power Kiss! Superman And Wonder Woman Lock Lips And Mess With The DC Universe

Well, another power couple have locked lips and the result may be nothing short of earth-shattering. No longer relegated to the sidelines in this Summer filled with Batman and Spider-Man hoopla, Wonder Woman and Superman have hit the headlines with a snogging session that has turned the super-hero universe into a flutter - or at least some raised eyebrows and a little good-old fashioned gossip. Could their off-screen romance some day even make it to the big screen?

The smooch took place in the final throes of issue No. 12 of  DC Comics' year-old Justice League series which introduced new stories, costumes and even origins of the members of this longstanding super posse.  (The publisher introduced the Justice League of America as they were called then in 1960, three years before rival Marvel unveiled its equivalent, The Avengers.)

DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee told A.P. via ABC News that the kiss is not a "stunt or an alternate reality smooch."

"This has been in the works for some time and we certainly wouldn't have pulled the trigger without there being great creative benefit to the liaison," he said in an email to A.P. "Beyond the joy and sorrows of new love, there are potentially huge ramifications and dramatic ways this single relationship between these iconic characters will change the entire political and interpersonal landscape of the DC Universe."

All of that from a kiss? What happens when they finally hook up?

This is not the first time the super-hero power duo have had a fling, by the way. In the '80s they had a short-lived moment of passion, but Superman ended up with Lois Lane. They also canoodled in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Strikes Again a decade ago.

Beyond the smooch heard around the world, Wonder Woman has some other news to boast since her last foray into the headlines. Her costume has changed and she is now the daughter of none other than that zenith of Greek Mythology, Zeus. You go grrrl!

Given Hollywood's penchant for hot power couples and the lure of box office dollars that often follow super heroes generally, when will Wo-Supe (or maybe it's Super-Wo?) share that kiss on the big screen? Tell us what you think....

[Source: A.P. via ABC News]


  • Bob says:

    how is she Zeus' daughter

  • Zeus became part of the Wonder Woman mythology when DC did its 2011 "New 52' re-launch. He is the father of WW via Hippolyta.

  • DARIO APONTE says:


  • DARIO APONTE says:


  • Superman loves WonderWoman says:

    About time DC really payed attention to Superman. These two are the real soulmates. That Lois crap was just pandering to preteen school girls.

    Keeping aside the obvious sexual intimacy that everyone brings about these two, there are a lot more subtle things they have. Supes and Diana's communion was almost at the level of spirituality. Their longing - eventhough supressed in past continuity - was always present.

    Hats off to DC. And best wishes to Supes&Diana

    • Visioneir says:

      That "Lois Crap" has existed for 70+ years, before either you or Wonder Woman was even in the making. She was the very first female character, the first human character, and the second character to be introduce in the first EVER superhero comic book. I know of grandparents who've been rooting for her and Superman. DC better shape up quick, and understand the prestige and impact that is Lois Lane.

      • Opinionated says:

        Right, cause it's GRANDPARENTS that buy comic books... I always thought it was the younger generation which was interested in comics.

  • advaaith says:

    dude ! get a life .... lois lane is superman "s soulmate ... if the seagal family read your coment they will file a case against your copyright volation on you... lois lane and superman belong to them . and for the family of creater"s of superman . superman and lois lane are soulmate. so be carefull of commenting in near future starting 2013

  • Kathrene says:

    The fact that they even paired these two is ridiculous. Did DC Comics honestly need to pair these two together? Absolutely not. It's beyond absurd, and this idea of "trying new relationships and beginnings" is complete trash. You can't "restart" a classic. It's the way the character was created and the way that the character has behaved for over 50 years. You cannot change that. It's such garbage, that I even refuse to read the reboot series. I guess DC is running out of a stable income or something because they're just trying to pair any fan OTP together for the sake of sales. What next, Batman and Hawkgirl because they have animal-like costumes together? Get it together, DC.

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