Dax Shepard Compensates For Crappy Hit And Run Box Office By Dissing Age Of The Expendables 2 Cast

Dax Shepard disses 'Expendables 2' cast

Speaking of old....Dax Shepard deployed one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book on the Conan show on Monday when he diverted attention from the lame box-office performance of his movie Hit and Run by poking fun at the aging action stars who kicked his cinematic ass, the cast of The Expendables 2.
Dax Shepard calls Expendables 2 cast 'old'Shepard told host Conan O'Brien that the cast of the Sylvester Stallone-directed The Expendables 2 were "all show and no go" when it came to their collective well-muscled appearance.   "It looks like the zombie apocalypse is saving the earth," Shepard said in reference to the veteran ensemble.

Alas, Hit and Run might have benefited from scenes of a zombie apocalypse, or something that would have raised moviegoer interest. The picture, which also starred Bradley Cooper and Shepard's real-life girlfriend Kristen Bell grossed just $5.9 million in its initial five-day opening. The movie ranked 10th for the weekend, well behind The Expendables 2, which saw a $13.5 million weekend and a 15-day domestic box-office take of $52.3 million.

Feeling a little insecure there, Dax?

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  • A sore loser, with an emphasis on loser. Shepard is a talentless bore that wouldn't survive thirty seconds in the ring with Stallone if all they did was recite Shakespeare.

  • kaly says:

    Shepard is a talentless bore that wouldn't survive thirty seconds in the ring with Stallone if all they did was recite Shakespeare.----Wealthyloves.c0m--- to meet rich friends in the world.... what I was going to say was.... WORD.

  • TJD says:

    Who the heck is Dax Shepard? Whoever he is, these stupid comments make wonder why he is even story worthy. Idiot will fade away into obscurity with the rest of the Pauly Shores of the world.

  • KevyB says:

    What is up with all this slobbering over a bunch of geriatric has-beens? Shepard was doing nothing more than trying to be funny, which this article obviously tries to side-step. And he was very funny! Did anybody bother to watch the clip (which, is not the complete clip... also mighty suspicious!), or did everybody just respond to the article itself? Is Movieline suddenly a Fox News website? While I will see neither movie, I'd be more likely to see Shepard's than either Exp-imbeciles movie. And I'd rather see Shepard sitting there on Conan being goofy than 90% of that cast of mostly untalented meatheads doing anything... Bruce Willis not included.

    • TBRB7684 says:

      Another uninformed, imbecile spewing nothing but falsehoods and the same, tired, cliche' and snide remarks that have no basis whatsoever. I have no time or tolerance for pompous, pseudo-intellectul, hipster cunts like you who haven't got a clue what they're talking about. Please explain to me the relevance of age. What does it have to do with anything? What is with the belief people seem to have that anyone over the age of 12 is incapable of doing anything. I have seen men in their 70s and 80s kick the absolute shit out of people in their 20s who were in top notch condition, so it isn't far fetched the way you make it seem. They're also extremely intelligent and sophisticated people. I get so sick to death of the presumptuous, unfounded remarks from people like you. The film also has an enormous amount of heart and the perfect balance of action, intensity, humor and emotional drama. Stallone has proven himself time and time again to be a consummate artist and very versatile actor. Just because you're incapable of differentiating fiction from reality, doesn't mean they aren't talented. I'm sure you're just another moron (like so many others) who thinks Stallone is Rocky and can't comprehend the fact that the character is fictional and the performance is a very nuanced, calculated one by a very talented actor. Anyway, you're not worth anymore of my time. All I'm going to say is get informed and try to come up with something original next time.

      • KevyB says:

        First sign someone doesn't understand the gist of the conversation: middle-school punctuation skills. Second sign someone doesn't understand the gist of the conversation: using more adjectives and adverbs than a romance writer. Third sign someone doesn't understand the gist of the conversation: keeps referring to things that the original poster didn't even mention. Fourth sign someone doesn't understand the gist of the conversation: an insane rage level that isn't appropriate to the tone of the post that caused the rage. Fifth sign someone doesn't understand the gist of the conversation: stating "facts" that are clearly imaginary, and created solely to allegedly bolster one's pathetic point. (Really, you've seen men in their 70s and 80s kick the absolute shit out of people in their 20s who were in top notch [which should have a hyphen] condition??? Yeah, right! Are there lots of fights between these age groups where you are? And if they can REALLY beat down 20-year-olds in TOP-NOTCH condition, then why didn't I see any dudes in their 70s and 80s in the Olympics? Or in the UFC? Are you referencing the WWE? We won't even get into the guy who was in Rambo; Rhinestone; Tango & Cash; Cobra; Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot; Cliffhanger; Judge Dredd; Demolition Man; Assassins; Demolition Man; Get Carter; etc. as being a "consummate artist and very versatile actor" [six words, two adjectives, one adverb, all crap].)

        It's patently obvious ONE thing I wrote made you go all red in the head, so what was it? You are either blowing Sylvester Stallone or you are a Foxsucker. Or both. Am I right???

        • TBRB7684 says:

          It's fascinating how you side step the vast majority of my post and accuse me of not understanding what you wrote when I responded directly to what you wrote. I also love how any time somebody disagrees with another person, somehow there is a negative emotion perceived. There is no emotion involved and I don't care about your ignorant opinions of Stallone's films. Again, it's the same tired, cliche' bullshit regurgitated over and over again with no true basis whatsoever. Maybe 3 or 4 of the movies you mentioned were subpar, but certainly not all of them. I highly doubt you've even seen his dramatic films and frankly I couldn't give a shit, because when people have it out for someone, they will always find something to bitch about. I stand by what I said in my original post. You are uninformed and pompous and what's hilarious is you actually believe what you're saying. You are laboring under quite the delusion.

          Yes, on two different occasions I witnessed fights, the first consisting of a man in his 80s (an ex-navy seal) destroying an athletically built man in his 20s who had instigated the fight; the second consisting of someone I personally knew who was in his 70s and took incredible care of himself and who had practiced martial arts most of his life, taking out a guy with whom I was acquainted (though strongly disliked) who was exactly 25 at the time. I wasn't filming at the time of these incidents, so I have no proof, but what I said was based on personal experience. I saw these fights take place, so I know that it isn't a farce, the way you say it is. If these were average old men, your random broken down old codgers using a walker, sure I could understand, but your so called criticism doesn't make any sense because the characters to which you refer are special forces, the oldest being Stallone who is only in his 60s and all of the actors busted their asses in the gym for months, so really...where is the absurdity here?.

          Based on the mistakes in your last post, don't even bother going into punctuational errors. Besides, if you weren't concerned about the validity of your post, you wouldn't even try to resort to such criticism. I certainly am not "blowing" Stallone. Being a fan--actually being familiar with his work, for starters, but also appreciating his artistic contributions--doesn't constitute anything sexual. I have no idea what a "Foxsucker" is. If you're referring to Fox News, I don't follow that, nor MSNBC or CNN, etc (not a fan of propagated horseshit).

  • steven says:

    sounds like the only insecure person here is the guy who wrote the article, if you can call it that.

    • I will snuffle up my wounded tears long enough to tell you that "The Expendables 2" is a funnier movie than Dax Shepard will ever be -- in a film or on a talk show. Oh, and one more thing: could you please tell me if my ass looks fat in these jeans?