Passion Trailer: Rachel McAdams And Noomi Rapace Get Down And Get Weird In SCTV-esque Clip

Passion trailer -- Rachel McAdams & Noomi Rapace Get Kinky

Watching the trailer for Brian De Palma's upcoming film PassionI get the feeling that he could be a fan of SCTV's classic Whispers of the Wolf  Ingmar Bergman parody.  Yes, I know that De Palma's erotic thriller is based on the late Alain Corneau's final film Love Crime (2010), about two international business women locked in a power struggle —  but there's something about Noomi Rapace's vacant stare in the first scenes of the trailer that reminds me of the great Andrea Martin's performance in the SCTV comedy gem. (You can see both videos after the jump.) 

And Rapace's co-star Rachel McAdams strikes me as a more vulpine version of the also-great Catherine O'Hara. I couldn't help but notice that both clips feature masks, by the way, although based on the contents of the sex drawer that gets opened in the Passion trailer, De Palma's movie is going to be way kinkier than anything that ever ran on Count Floyd's Monster Chiller Horror Theater.

Here's the trailer for Passion, which is going to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September and screen that same month at the Toronto Film Festival:

Watch It on YouTube.

Now check out Whispers of the Wolf.  Enjoy!

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