Chloe Moretz Makes A Bloody Good Carrie In First Look At Remake Of Classic Horror Film

Chloe Moretz as 'Carrie'It's time to ruin prom for a whole new generation of teenagers! has posted an exclusive photo of a blood-soaked Chloe Moretz from Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce's remake of  Carrie.

Moretz gave me a serious case of deja vu when I saw the photo of her as the title character of Stephen King's classic 1974 horror novel about an alienated teen with telekinetic powers and a seriously wacko mother. Sissy Spacek,  who played the original Carrie White was fantastic in the role, but she was also in her mid 20s at the time. At 15, Moretz seems more age-appropriate to play the role of a high schooler. Julianne Moore plays Carrie's mom in a role that Piper Laurie played in the original film..

EW reports that Moore intends for her portrayal to retain some humanity. "This woman has clearly had a psychotic break, perhaps several,” Moore tells the publication. “But what’s sad about it for me is that she’s clearly sick and here’s this poor child in the thrall of this person who is seriously ill."

Peirce is reportedly modernizing the story for her remake, which will be released in March 2013, so it's unclear whether Moretz comes to be bathed in blood for the same reasons that Spacek did: a cruel high-school prank that results in Carrie unleashing her telekinetic powers and ensuring that there will be no one in her class left alive to sign her year book.  The good news: she also destroyed the gym.

Moretz told EW that she was under some pressure while shooting the scene: ”We only have, like, four chances to get it right,” she said. "Because that stuff stains your hair.”

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  • anonymous says:


    So by them casting "age appropriately", the whole audience is going to end up on a sex offenders list after watching the opening scene.

    Thanks Hollywood!

  • Hmm. Didn't think about that, but that's assuming Peirce's remake follows De Palma's original.

  • Chester says:

    They're going to have to really amp up the sociopathic aspects of Carrie's character or drastically alter her natural looks because Moretz is otherwise much too pretty to ever be believable as a high school reject.

  • Good point. Even with all that blood on her in the photo, she does look fine. Sissy Spacek looked freakish.

  • cassie says:

    She looks like Avril Lavigne here. Sissy Spacek looked like an underdeveloped foetus, a child squid on dry land, far from her tank.
    The original had excellent tension between source material and performances - the knife edge of camp, the ritualized role playing of high school archetypes (the actors' obvious 'oldness' somehow serving the film's non-real 'portrayal' of a reality, much like a high school theatre production), the dewy '70's 'woman discovers herself' crysalis tale rewritten as a bellbottomed menstrual meltdown.
    What the original had (to its advantage) was Brian DePalma's lust for sleazy sadism, giving Carrie her one special night of love...then destroying it with relish. Would a feminist take offer such - or any - nasty thrills. I hope so.
    I am not sure exactly what take on this Pierce is going to make, and after this summer of insulting, soul-dead remakes, I'm not sure I care. She is talented, though.

  • jeannie says:

    I've met some very beautiful women,who were the "rejects" in high school and are now successful people, dancers,singers and models.

  • Addison says:

    I think there may be a handful of duplicates, but an exceedingly handy list! I’ve tweeted this. Quite a few thanks for sharing!