Man Shoots Self In Ass In Movie Theater

So much for those concealed carry advocates. NBC News describes the snafu that befell one patron with a permit to carry a concealed firearm at a recent showing of The Bourne Legacy in Sparks, Nevada. "Witnesses inside the theater told officers the gun fell from the man’s pocket as he was adjusting himself in the seat," according to the report, "and it fired when it dropped to the floor, striking him in the buttocks."

NBC News has more: "The 56-year-old man then reportedly stood up, apologized to those around him and left the theater before police arrived. He checked himself into a nearby VA hospital in Reno, where he was treated for a gunshot wound to his buttocks, according to a police report. His injury is not considered to be life-threatening."

While the individual reportedly did have a valid permit to carry a gun, the Century 14 theater is part of the Cinemark chain (which also owns the Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado), which does not allow guns to be carried inside of their theaters.

[NBC News]


  • Frank DiGiacomo says:

    Hilarious. Maybe we should changed the headline to "Ass Shoots Self In Ass...."

  • James Oates says:

    He certainly needs a gun which is drop-safe...

  • tinglouie says:

    As a CCW supporter and firearms owner, this guy is a buffoon

    a couple things seriously wrong with this CCW carrier:

    1) he's carrying the gun in his pocket? not holstered? that's a major no-no, there are plenty of holstered designed for concealed carry that work great

    2) what kind of crappy gun is he carrying that it would go-off when dropped? either he isn't carrying it properly or its an unsafe gun for various reasons....