Alex Pettyfer & Kristen Stewart Head into Cali Sunset; Vince Vaughn's New Agent: Biz Break

Also in Wednesday afternoon's round-up of news briefs, Tribeca Film has nabbed North American rights to a SXSW premiere. A popular Austin, TX theater is San Francisco-bound. And China's Wanda gets the final go-ahead to take over a top American theater chain.

Tribeca Warms to Somebody Up There Likes Me
North American rights to the deadpan comedy have been picked up by Tribeca Film, the distribution label of Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Enterprises. Starring Keith Poulson, Nick Offerman, and Jess Weixler, the film centers on Max (Poulson), his best friend Sal (Offerman Parks & Recreation) and the woman they both adore, Lyla (Weixler, Teeth) who stumble through thirty-five years of seemingly mandatory but unfulfilling entanglements. The film features an original score from Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio. Tribeca Film plans a theatrical Spring 2013 release day and video-on-demand offerings, as well as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox and Samsung Media Hub following a U.S. and Canadian film festival estival run.

Alamo Drafthouse Set for San Francisco
The popular Austin-based exhibitor will open a location in the Mission, and will feature five screens of new release movies. Alamo offers food and drink and noted its new location will be similar to the Alamo Ritz location in Austin with a mix of classic film programming, alternative content, live events, foreign films, independent films as well as some studio films.

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Alex Pettyfer Headed to Cali with Kristen Stewart
The Magic Mike star is in final talks to play Stewart's love interest in Nick Cassavetes' gritty action pic Cali. The film follows a couple who sell fake snuff and snatch the cash but Stewart "returns from the dead" years later to save her younger sister, Variety reports.

Vince Vaughn Picks Up The Risk Agent
The Ridley Pearson novel will star Vaughn who will produce with his Wild West Pictures Show Productions. The novel, which is a China-set thriller, was published last month, Deadline reports.

China's Wanda Gets OK to Buy AMC Entertainment
The $2.6 billion deal has been cleared by regulators in the U.S. and China, Deadline reports.


  • Robert Patison kamu yang sabar ya? Dasar kristen memang sesuai namanya dan sesuai dengan perannya sebagai Bella.. Yaitu berbelah... hahaha! dasar tukang selingkuh di Film dan nyatanya

  • maysie says:

    Hey I think it would be cool if Alex Pettyfer and Kristen Stewart hook up together, and have a lot in common. I think they would be very cool and look good together.

  • Dee says:

    I am a big fan of Kstew and Rob, it would be nice Robsten can move on, from the scandal, but Rob needs to come to grip with her mistakes and realized she made a terrible mistakes....... if he can't, let kris go and so that she can learn from this and grow from all this messy situation.......... The Media won't leave her alone and magazine will keep reminding her of momentary indiscretion ..........As for the Pattinson family, you ever heard of forgiveness, Yeah whatever, you have moral, I understand the humiliation and based it on once a cheater, who will cheat again.......Not everybody is perfect, and I think Kristen has been through enough and deserve a break from that crap. it is not fair that you publicly take swipe and name calling,,,,, you think that you know kristen personally. But you didn't take time to know her for real, and if you didn't like how she treats Rob. Ever heard of communicating and let her know gently, she doesn't have sisters that she could learn from....... I don't think you do, ,But she will developed into a stronger woman and make better choices in the near future..... One thing for real, she does love Rob very much. But finds it hard to let go, because she feels so guilty and upset at what she has done...If she could change time, and said to Sanders, Get lost.... yeah she would....but it happened and she can't change that....Instead she needs to move forward, ........Maybe in a couple of years, Rob and Kristen still feel the same way and the chemistry is still so strong.... YEAH WHY NOT??? They have change into better people........ but right now, they need to build their careers and date other people, for now.... just be close friends.....