Spielberg's Lincoln Coming to Election, Oscar Seasons

No one really doubted that Steven Spielberg's long-gestating, class-AA historical biopic Lincoln wouldn't land a release date in the middle of Oscar season. But with Disney announcing today that it will release the Daniel Day-Lewis-starring, Tony Kushner-written film in limited release on Nov. 9 — three days after Election Day — the studio has situated Lincoln in a zone ripe for hype.

I mean, it's not as though candidates, voters and pundits are going to spend much time contextualizing this year's election against the political and historic implications of Skyfall (also opening Nov. 9) or The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (against which Lincoln will compete in wide release one week later on Nov. 16). This makes the 16th president as relevant as ever among a polarized culture endlessly yearning to claim him for one side or another — Republican saint, the Great Emancipator, you name it. What story will Spielberg and Co. tell? How can we make the presidency great again? Tune in at 7, only on FoxSNBCNN to find out... Etc. etc. At least we won't have to wonder which shadowy PAC is paying for the TV spots — which, we should not overlook, will provide many welcome 30-second respites between all the October mudslinging to come. Thanks, Disney. And well-played.



  • This Lincoln doesn't kill vampires, right?

  • bald says:

    Well he slaughtered the Democrats that election so yes he did kill vampires.

  • 19obert63 says:

    Lincoln was not great; he was not the great emancipator,please research his countless rascist statements and don't give the excuse he was just a man of his time.Lincoln was well read, certainly not an ignorant man. He was a very wealthy railroad lawyer(won $50,000 on one case) who quickly passed legislation upon his Presidency that would allow railroad tychoons the ability to financially rape America. The nothern route the railroad chose probably precipated the civil war more than slavery.

    How can a President be judged as great when 600,00 men of his own countrymen were killed under his leadership? How did England and other nations abolish slavery without such bloodshed? How did his son become
    a raiLroad vice president ? How did Lincoln just happen to buy Council Bluff , the railroad's extremely prosperous home depot? Lincoln is a sad myth; Jim crow laws, cronyism, a financiall devastated South might be more his real legacy.-His assassination was truly tragic and for those who loved him-IT WAS A HORRIFYING LOSS -But for those seekiing a great emancipator, they would be better served by a movie on Martin Luther King or if it must be a President, John Kennedy.All histories are myth based, opinated by the winners,from Herodotus to the present-I'm certainly guilty of that also, Lincoln,himself wouldprobably admit his modest achievements , he did not hide his true beliefs, he would not rest in peace on holy ground.

  • isolotus says:

    You sir, need to get your facts straight and whittle down your know-it-all-ness because you make absolutely no sense. You are obviously not a Lincoln scholar or a historian of any merit. Lincoln was never "very wealthy" and as a lawyer he argued for and against the railroads depending on the case. It pisses me off when so many millions of you uninformed people post your own versions of history without ever bothering to research anything. Cease and desist or learn history.

  • Digital says:

    So which to see, the always great Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln Vs. Kristen Stewart in another Twilight film? decisions decisions, LMFAO! Still Rifftrax can always use more fodder .

  • Irma says:

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