Bourne Director Tony Gilroy on "Enhanced" Legacy

There has been some push-back in the blogosphere over the apparent "genetic enhancement" associated with Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner in the all-new manifestation of the Bourne series, The Bourne Legacy, which comes out next month. But director Tony Gilroy assures that the latest film is "consistent" with the three previous installments, which of course starred Matt Damon.

Director Tony Gilroy said he knew he could "enhance everything" and still have it be consistent with "what we had before." He said the project was purposely changed visually and they're "blowing the doors open to make it bigger and wider," adding, "We want to keep the testosterone of it, but it demands a slightly different visual vocabulary." Noted Renner: We had three movies prior to this, we we knew what they had done. [This] was a brand new canvas for us."

Gilroy also gives kudos to Jeremy Renner who plays Aaron Cross in Legacy. "ou want a character that is worth being at the center of these movies. When you have that, you need a proper actor. You need to find someone who has the chops, gravitas and physical ability - and he's available…" Check Gilroy and Renner's interview with AMC Theaters...


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