Obama Movies Yield Boom, Bust Over Opening Weekends

2016 Obama's America

The market for films addressing Barack Obama's 2008 presidential candidacy and his term to date in the Oval Office has proven volatile at best: Hagiographies like the all-access, Edward Norton-produced By the People co-exist alongside a cottage industry of microbudget anti-Obama slam pieces like Hype, The Obama Deception and this past weekend's 2016: Obama's America. And thanks in part to election-year grassroots mania (and an interview with the president's Kenyan half-brother), the latter film may yet prove to be the most lucrative of the Obama subgenre to date. But this weekend's other release, The Obama Effect? Not so much.

Released on one screen in Houston by Rocky Mountain Pictures (the scrappy purveyor of such right-leaning fare as Atlas Shrugged and the sleeper hits End of the Spear and Expelled: No Intelligence Required), 2016 pulled in a handsome $31,750 over three days. The showing followed a free word-of-mouth screening last Thursday which featured author/interviewer Dinesh D'Souza (on whose book the film is based) and Oscar-winning co-producer Gerald Molen in attendance; "some moviegoers sat in the aisles Thursday and waited as much as 90 minutes to meet," according to a THR dispatch. An expanded release is foreseen, perhaps comprising 400 screens total in the lead-up to next month's Republican National Convention.

Meanwhile, down the box-office line (like, way down the box-office line) you'll find The Obama Effect. Written and directed by and starring Charles S. Dutton, the film focuses on a man circa 2008 who overlooks mounting health and family issues in his fervor to campaign on Obama's behalf. In a radio interview last week, Dutton described the film as a satirical look at a man who loses perspective on his life (and the political animals who come to surround him), but a glimpse at the trailer and other limited background on the film don't really combine for much of a message or even much of a story. Which (along with a lack of D'Souza-esque, Obama-thwacking source material) helps explain why the film, released by Arc Entertainment, stumbled this weekend to a meager $73,000 on 25 screens — a per-theater average of $2,920.

Lessons? Many remain to be determined, especially as campaign season chugs ahead, though producers and agents alike may immediately be advised that apparently the president's half-brother George can open a movie better than Andrew Garfield, at least per screen. And think what he could have done with Battleship! Ahem. Just throwing it out there.

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  • Too many people just let the media streams (or their favorite professor's comments) determine who they vote for. This time, hoping I hear that more people will look at films like this, will READ speeches from either candidate (instead of listing to all the rah rah stuff ) and make LOGICAL decisions. I plan to see this movie before the election, and plan to READ major speeches by both candidates, and plan to research both candidate's backgrounds...and then VOTE for the lesser of 2 evils.

    • KST says:

      Thank you for a level headed comment. Not too many of those around these days. People need to look at BOTH sides evenly, and get over their pre-dispositions towards one or the other. Think for THEMSELVES and not let a movie tell them what to think.

    • legtingle says:


      Right or Left....get out of your personal echo chamber (be it friends, or media)...Read Obama's book Dreams. Watch this movie.

      Our country is facing a crisis. Your vote counts.

  • Jim Haire says:

    You don't hardly need the media's help in deciding which candidate is the 'lesser of 2 evils' this November! Only one's been in power; only one is seeking more power; only one is not willing to run on his record.

  • Bernice Saleh says:

    Fellow Americans.... Obama has unleashed 'WILLFUL SABOTAGE' on our beloved Country. He has NOT been making mistakes as our president, he KNOWS EXACTLY what HE is doing to our country. Obama's 'CHANGE' has ALWAYS BEEN to COLLAPSE OUR ECONOMY so as to usher in SOCIALISM. Five Democratic Governors have NOT been fooled by this man. I can only pray that the majority of Americans NOW SEE what an Unpatriotic President we have sitting in our White House. I will cast my vote in November, to do my part in saving our Freedom, our Liberty, our Constitution, & Capitalism.

  • Bonnie says:

    2016 Obama's America does a great job of connecting the dots about Obama's agenda. D'Souza clearly explains our president's ideology with the perception of someone who came from an anti-colonial environment. He uses Obama's own words (speeches, autobiography), his family, friends and other influential people in our president's life to explain Obama's mission, Obama views America as an imperialist country that he needs to bring down. So far, he has been quite successful. Every US adult citizen should watch this documentary.

  • Sensible says:

    You're lying about the whole "Socialism" thing. It's just crazy talk (like you've never been described as that before.) Try looking up the definition in the dictionary for once, instead of mindlessly commenting. In a country of at least 70 million home owners (many with guns,) there's not going to be an "end to private property" in the U.S., and with Exxon Mobil, Apple, Google, etc. worth hundreds of billions of dollars, the government is not going to take them over, and "control the means of distribution."
    Nope, there's no mission against this "imperialist country" to have it "brought down." Tens of thousands of U.S. troops are still stationed in the Koreas (the war was back in the '50's,) and according to the U.S. Defense Department, approximately 200,000 U.S. troops are stationed outside the U.S. As for the U.S. economy, while several of our trade partners in Europe are in, or have slipped back into, a recession, our economy continues to recover - the stock market is back up thousands of points, recovering from the free-for-all under the last president, the automobile industry is thriving, and the the unemployment rate is just about the same as it was when the last president left, so unless you're prepared to lay out arguments that George Bush had a hidden agenda to destroy the U.S. ("Great Recession," failed to act on terrorist threats,) lay off the absurd Obama conspiracies.

    • Sharon Kidwell says:

      I think you need to do your homework so you can discuss Obama's agenda towards our country in an intelligent manner. I'm sure you weren't born yesterday but you sound like you just got off the truck.

      • Sensible says:

        Like I said below - it's disturbing how crazy and delusional some are, denying facts and statements coming from bipartisan (nonpartisan) news sources, military leaders, Presidents, etc. Lonely, simple-minded folk mindlessly commenting.

        • peggy says:

          I can tell you haven't seen the movie. Go see it and then give your opinion. I would be very interested in what you think about it and Obama.

    • legtingle says:

      I'm sure that a lot of Americans, pre 1970's, didn't think "crazy talk" would result in the "right" to kill the unborn or for the definition or the definition of "mariage" to be changed.

      The Left is now using their sides elected gvt officals to smother a private company because of their religious views.

      Here is a decent idea to those confused about who to vote for in the Presidential election:

      Read Obama's auto bio: DREAMS OF MY FATHER.

      Read FUGITIVE DAYS by "just a guy in the neighborhood" Bill Ayers.

      If you are liberal...this will be a win-win situation. Just go to a book store and crack them open.

      More information is always better than less...right?

      "If" Obama is something other than he portrayed himself to be in 2008...don't you want to know?

      Wouldn't you want to come back and tell me what an idiot I am?

      Read both books. Just go into a bookstore and spend a couple of hours before you vote.

      Or don't.

      After reading both books...Do you think Obama wrote DREAMS? Never wrote anything before... other than 2 poems (one pretty much realized written by Frank Marshall Davis) and that rather sad attempt at an opinion piece published by the Columbia student magazine?


      This is a game changer. If you are at all interested, spend a bit of your time...

      • Larry says:

        BO's book is DREAMS FROM MY FATHER.

        Considering that BO has been surrounded by Communists and radicals his whole life, what would one expect from this guy!

    • John says:

      You obviously have not seen the movie. After watching it, I now understand why Obama has taken the actions that he has on taxation, health care, military, foreign policy and immigration. I now understand why he seems obsessed with the 1% vs the 99%. Previously I thought he was talking about the 1% in America, he is not! It's the 1% globally. In Obama's mind Americans are all wealthy and redistribution is not between American citizens, it is between Americans and the rest of the world.

    • daniel says:

      your an idiot this man in the white house is an out right communist, what else is he doing spending more tax payer money than any president from Bush 41 back to Washington if he wasn't trying to crash the economy, when the dems took over the house and senate in 06 the unemployment rate was around 5.5 to 6 percent, thats when the spending spree started, the largest deficit Bush had in 8 yrs was approx 4.5 billion one year and that was his last year in office, this man has had approx 1.25 to 1.50 trillion every year he's been in office and he wants to keep on spending and printing money, the inflation rate is going to skyrocket, and since you are blind to that you probably won't mind paying 20 or 30 bucks for a loaf of bread you stupid retard, this guy you call the president is also trying to destroy the energy industry also, look at the price of a gallon of gas its more than doubled since this asshole came into office, hes trying to regulate it out of business, just look what hes doing to the coal industry,you are either a fool or just a retard,and I could keep going on and on but your probably sooo blinded by this man you call president that you don't hear or see anything this man is doing to this country, I bet you have some sort of picture or blowup doll that looks like this guy you call president and bow down and worship him don't you you stupid fuck

    • Carol Wrenn says:

      For those of you who support obama and think he's done such a good job, you will find out, just like the rest of us, just what his plans are for America. Do you think that you'll be exempt from his master plan of destruction just because you support him?..... You won't. Better do some research on him and look and listen to exactly what he says.. He said he wanted to "Fundamently Change America", and that's exactly what he's doing. FREEDOM as we know it, and AMERICA, as we know it, will cease!

    • lara says:

      your way out in LEFT field sensible(which your not) how you can see the what the country is going through under Obama is beyond me....I bet you are one of the ones who think we took down our own towers on 911...I will pray for you to see the truth....

    • ray ward says:

      well you may call yourself sinceble but you are blind , like all liberals keep thinking that way if you like but i can see obama for what he is a sicialist, and by the way unemployment was not 8.3% ehen obummwer took office

    • JP80 says:

      Here is the official definition of SOCIALISM:

      (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

      We are/have always been a captialist country. Now in transition, thanks to our POTUS. You cannot achieve communism before implementing socialism. The "re-distribution of wealth" to "level the playing field" is in full swing, under the Obama administration. This includes, but is not limited to socialized healthcare, increased dependancy on the government for food, housing, free birth control, a government takeover (regardless of where we are at with this at this point) of commercial enterprise (i.e. General Motors). Increased taxes on "the wealthy" to support those "less fortunate" (it is our duty to do so as American citizens). Etc.

      Wake up "not so" sensible. Look at what's going on around you. Look at how divided this country has become in just over 3 years. White versus black, hispanic, jew, muslim, etc. "Rich" versus "not so rich".

      As Joe Biden so eloquently said just last week... "He's gonna put chyall back in chains" Government chains that cannot be broken... from capitalism to socialism and finally.. to Obama's ultimate dream.. communism.

  • ninjnc55 says:

    Sensible, you need to just read how this President is using the UN to curtail American citizens' rights. Examples are the 'Small weapons treaty', and the 'Law of the Seas'. If you don't think this man has an agenda to restructure this Republic and it's founding principles you owe it to yourself to see the 2016 movie and read Ed Klein's book 'Amateur'

  • Sensible says:

    ninjnc55 - Yes, I have read about ATT, and the Law of the Sea, and only extremists and the paranoid would be opposed. According to Reuters, a much more reliable news source, "U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies," and so paranoia about guns being denied U.S. citizens is absurd ("90 guns for every 100 U.S. citizens.") So we're not talking America circa 1776, when the issue of whoever had the guns had the power. As for the Law of the Sea, according to the (Republican leaning) Wall Street Journal in an article on Monday, July 16, "Republicans are trumpeting their opposition to the treaty even though it would boost U.S. access to undersea resources and domestic energy production is important to GOP campaigns this year." Furthermore,

    "former secretaries of State, both Republicans and Democrats, top civilian and uniformed Pentagon officials, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, environmentalists, and former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have all been vocal supporters. They argue that the treaty would not erode U.S. sovereignty. On the contrary, they say, it would enhance the country’s ability to defend freedom of navigation, would improve U.S. companies’ access to undersea resources, and would give the U.S. legal tools to parry threats from aggressive countries, such as China."

    So take up your fight with the Pentagon, a Republican and Democrat President, the (Republican leaning) Chamber of Commerce, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, etc.

    • Sometimes people have access to too much information and it clouds their ability to reason.

      • Sensible says:

        AM - It's disturbing how crazy and delusional some are, denying facts and statements coming from bipartisan news sources, military leaders, Presidents, etc. Lonely, simple-minded folk mindlessly commenting.

        • Todd says:

          The first step in subduing a populace is to remove their ability to defend themselves. Starting with the Small Arms Treaty, then with the SCOTUS decision on AHA, Congress can now levy a hefty tax on owning/purchasing weapons and ammunition making it almost nigh affordable. To think that this couldn't happen in the United States, given the statistics you provided yourself, would be akin to burying your head in the sand. It may not happen, it may not be in the cards for now, but the foundation to limit Americans ability to defend the principles of the constitution is there.

          • Sensible says:

            Try re-reading, and comprehending, the part above where I wrote U.S. citizens own 270 million firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey in 2007. 270 million guns, owned by Americans. Guns that can also be passed down generations, after license approvals. You're delusional if you think the government can take away hundreds of millions of guns.

            Look it up - Presidents Ford (in his State of the Union address on January 19, 1976,) Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush have all supported gun control measures. So attempts to limit gun ownership has been going on for decades in the U.S., and by leaders of both political parties. Guess you're going to have to move to some country that didn't sign on to the treaty, because limiting gun ownership is here to stay. Given past gun control efforts, you need to offer proof where guns and ammunition are "almost nigh affordable." And your head is buried far up the NRA's ass.

          • Sensible says:

            Los Angeles Times - 10/23/11 - " While many gun manufacturers are concerned that such a treaty could lead to broader gun registration, only a narrow fringe purports that Americans could see their guns taken away by the U.N., which has no authority over constitutional rights."

      • Myles says:

        What clouds their ability to reason is not too much information; It's too much MIS-information!

  • Wow....sensible you are excellent....but don't waste your time with these narrow minded fools! Absolutely will never budge.....they love to live in their world of conspiracies.

  • area 5 says:

    The Left has plants everywhere. You can lose your guns along with your rights don't be misguided by long pompous arguments. Remember Pol-Pot.

  • rita says:

    The left thinks with their emotions and not use reason. they think "utopia"will be brought to them with socialism. they are so delusional thinking O ama loves this country. In reality he wants to bring it down. That is why G. Soris is running the Obama agenda. Wake up before we loose our freedom and liberty!! from scared in Cleveland, Ohiop

  • Klr Redmond says:

    I will be seeing this movie and the one called "Runaway Slave" and I guarantee you I will NOT be voting for bo, didn't last time and by God won't this time either. A vote for bo is a vote against America!

    • iANEZ says:

      People are all upset about President Obama. They should have gotten upset when the founding father wrote the Constitution. They never dreamed that American would have so many ethnic groups. America was doomed when the pilgrims got off the Mayflower and pushed the indians back in the hills.

      • rita says:

        I can only think last three comments written by anti-american, communist, ass holes. No more to say. Waste of time on these people. amen.

      • German says:

        WOW!!! Your are one ignorant and stupid person, the scary thing is there are more of you out there. GOD SAVE YOUR SOUL!!!!!

  • Jeannie says:

    Sensible lives in an alternative world. Educate yourself on UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI. Then we can listen to what you have to say!!!

  • iANEZ says:

    President Obama is not the problem....ANGLO-Saxons are. Obama did not set the rules..they were here when he was born.

  • rita says:

    my comment to ianez and jeannie.. comment went to wrong place. sorry kir raymond im with u.

  • FRAN says:


  • Carol Wrenn says:

    For those of you who support obama and think he's done such a good job, you will find out, just like the rest of us, just what his plans are for America. Do you think that you'll be exempt from his master plan of destruction just because you support him?..... You won't. Better do some research on him and look and listen to exactly what he says.. He said he wanted to "Fundamently Change America", and that's exactly what he's doing. FREEDOM as we know it, and AMERICA, as we know it, will cease!

    • rita says:

      i compkwtelt agree with carol wren. obama supporters are in the dark, asleep, or plain stupid. i think all three apply for most. vote for obama is a vote for No Freedom, gone ,nada.

  • linda smith says:

    Obama doesn't have the fortitude to run our country and is not trustworty. .He hasn't kept his promise he made to the America people in 2008.I know he won't keep them in if he is re elected.

  • linda suttles says:

    Rommey is the man for our country . He will grow our country . I feel he can be trusted. I feel he will get jobs back to our american people and stop given them to foreign countries. I'm glad he is a family man who stands for values and God.

  • The reality that few want to acknowledge or even recognize is that GOD is sovereign over the affairs of the nation of America. We the People have willfully rejected Christian influence in every aspect of our lives and the decision processes of our government, and the result of America having become a pagan society is no better described than in the first chapter of the book of Romans.

    We do not want to acknowledge GOD's sovereign rule over our hearts and minds nor do we want to submit our love of the darkness of sin to the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And because We the People have rejected GOD, GOD has rejected America. GOD has given to us exactly what we deserve in those who now lead our nation to utter destruction.

    When the nation that was once America and its proud people are brought to destitution, who will we have to blame but ourselves? FOOLS!!!

  • nobodyspecial says:

    I enjoy trolling through politically charged comments...it makes me feel like less of an idiot.

  • rita says:

    nobody special u r the iduot. u know nothing of what is happening in America. Wake up before its too late. Better still stay asleep, your less dangerous.

  • Robert S. says:

    The author wrote "Rocky Mountain Pictures (is) the scrappy purveyor of such right-leaning fare as Atlas Shrugged".

    How about free-market leaning? How about fair leaning? How about limited government leaning? Another leftist author --- so protective of coveted friends in office --- the cocktail party set. Myopic tripe from low caliber children.

  • Jenny says:

    Where the hell did you people come from? Did you get lost on the way over to Fox News? Why are religious fanatics coming to site a with stories that are ALL about movies, many of which have progressive ("liberal") themes?

    Some here have demonstrably proven a recent study was correct in determining a low I.Q. is linked to conservatism.

    Further proof those with low intelligence here have been manipulated has been validated by Republicans now praising Hillary Clinton when years ago they demonized her repeatedly, and fantasized she and her husband were involved in various schemes.

    • Garyl Cushman says:

      Absolute worst web site i have every used. Blocks information exchange. Very poor for a potentiallyl good movie. Takes too much time to just find a movie location.

    • daniel says:

      to the person that think conservatives are stupid, your the idiot for one thing your president is a communist you can know that from the people he hangs or hung around with like Bill Ares, in his own words he calls himself one, and he also bombed the Capital building, the pentagon,and and a couple of other places back in the 1960's, that is fact, he was also part of the weather underground in the 1960's and you would know this if you did alittle research on your own, so if you want to follow this man that is your right, there is also proof that this man you call president went to univercities under scholarships that forgien exchange students can only get, he went to public schools in Indoneasia and the only way that can happen is if you are a citizen of that country, your ignorence is unmatched, what you need to do is go buy yourself some more candles to light when you bow down to your president and chant ooo bam ma

  • Joe says:

    I do not like the way this country is going and think most should worry about the grandchildren, our children are already in debt for life, $63,000.00 + the regular taxes they must pay as we have. enough said, for the children.

  • sandy says:

    This film lets all americans see what kind of president we have. He came into our lives and boasted hope and change but we didn't read between the lines. The media has hidden all the defects, and his records has been sealed so now we finally have the right information for americans to do the right thing. This is a disgrace and he should be handcuffed and escorted to the border. This president has lied, forced and passed ridulous laws and disarmed our security and financially put us in debt for years to come. Obamas plan-Once everybody is on the DOL and the second amendment is gone then all he has to do is turn our beautiful america into ugly socialism and communism. No more freedom.