Watch an Episode of Klown Written by Lars Von Trier

The epically awkward, debauched Danish sitcom Klovn, which is soon coming to the United States as the epically awkward, debauched Danish feature-length comedy Klown, currently has restored an episode online written by the epically awkward, debauched Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier. What could go wrong? So much, actually. Have a look and find out.

Revived from the series' second season by the movie's US distributor Drafthouse Films (who will be distributing the show in tandem with their release of the feature-length film) the episode (titled "It's a Jungle Down There") finds the notorious Frank and Casper "taking interest in a masturbation class and their persistent infiltration of these very private sessions." It seems safe enough for work, I guess, unless everyone at your work speaks Danish, in which case rally them 'round and kick off early! What the hell, we're technically passed the midweek point by now. It might as well be Friday.

Click here to download the episode.

Meanwhile, we've got two clips from Klown the movie to share, which set up the film's buddy road trip premise (and subsequent blasts of hilariously inappropriate comedy). In the first, hapless Frank brings his girlfriend's nephew Bo along as he and Casper prepare for a male bonding canoe trip, thus ruining Casper's plan for an adulterous romp down the river:

In another clip, Frank confronts the boys who have bullied Bo at a local campground:

Klown debuts July 27 in limited theatrical release as well as on VOD and digitally.