R.I.P.: Oscar-Nominated Nora Ephron Dead at 71

Nora Ephron dead at 71

A flurry of online reports today revealed that filmmaker Nora Ephron was battling illness in a New York hospital and not expected to survive the night. The Washington Post now reports that Ephron has died six years after being diagnosed with the blood disorder myelodysplasia.

Ephron was nominated for an Oscar three times for writing Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally..., and Sleepless in Seattle. As a director she helmed eight features, including popular romantic comedies Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail. Ephron had also earned acclaim as a journalist, essayist, and blogger, and most recently directed the foodie biographical drama Julie & Julia.

Remember Ephron with a spirited clip from the 2007 documentary Dreams on Spec, in which she vividly compares screenwriting and filmmaking to making a pizza.

[Washington Post]


  • max says:

    I'll always be thankful for When Harry Met Sally. RIP, Ms Ephron.

  • forever1267 says:

    "When Harry Met Sally" was a perfect screenplay. In a tough year, she should have won an Oscar for it. Rest in Peace.

  • Elias says:

    This was such a bummer! I can understand why she wanted to keep everything to herself though, and maintain some of her privacy in the bargain. Hollywood lost a great writer, and I wish her family and friends well during this. RIP.

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