MMA-Filled Here Comes the Boom Trailer: Like Warrior, Only With Kevin James

Here Comes the Boom trailer - Kevin James MMA

...and, um, there's just one of him. Bear with me here: A slimmed-down Kevin James, who's actually looking kind of handsome here (or am I crazy?), plays a high school teacher who enters the octagon to raise cash as a mixed martial arts fighter. He's basically Joel Edgerton in last year's MMA pic Warrior, only — lucky for us — he's still Kevin James, so it's a broad comedy and not a gut-wrenching drama and instead of Tom Hardy he's got Salma Hayek to wrestle with. Sigh.

The other depressing Here Comes the Boom-Warrior point of comparison: This is going to make so much more money than the under-seen and under-appreciated Warrior. At least there are no talking gorillas (that we know of).

Here Comes the Boom (seriously, do people really use that phrase?) rolls into theaters on October 12 and is directed by Frank Coraci (The Wedding Singer, Waterboy, Zookeeper).

[via Fandango]


  • No One Of Consequence says:

    This is what you get when you have a Happy Madison production, and remove the Happy Madison from the trailer.

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  • So it's a broad comedy and not a gut-wrenching drama and instead of Tom Hardy he's got Salma Hayek to wrestle with. Sigh.

  • KevyB says:

    At least it's nice to see James be a little more King of Queens and a little less... well, everything he's done since, basically.

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