Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton Get Into The Octagon for Warrior

Would you have loved The Fighter more if Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund fought each other at the end, and if Paramount dropped the "The" in the film's title? Good news, then! The trailer for Warrior has arrived to make those improvements -- and it even ignores the Masshole accents. (Which may or may not be an improvement from where you're sitting.)

To be fair, Warrior isn't about boxing -- the film takes place in the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), which, thanks to the UFC, has become sport du jour for fight fans -- but that doesn't mean it can't go through many of the same beats as classic pugilist fare. Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) and Tom Hardy (pretty much everything post-Inception) co-star as estranged brothers on a crash course toward the final bout at some "toughest man on the planet" competition. Edgerton plays the family man trying to make good (he's a schoolteacher married to Jennifer Morrison!); Hardy plays the war hero trying to make good (he's being trained by his drunky dad, played by Nick Nolte!). They're both heroes! Who will win?

Judging from the trailer, Edgerton -- that he gets first billing over the more famous Hardy is a giveaway. But that doesn't really matter all that much. Directed by Gavin O'Connor (the totally hack-but-awesome sports movie Miracle), the trailer for Warrior promises a movie filled with heavy body-blows and heavy schmaltz. If only it had those Fighter sisters, it would be golden.


If the trailer gets yanked down, head over to Apple to watch in HD.