Should Star Trek's Worf Get His Own Spin-Off Movie?

Star Trek WorfMovieline's Klingon contingent aside, there are probably legions of faithful Star Trek fans who'd get behind series actor Michael Dorn and his idea to write and star in an indie spin-off movie around Worf, his Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine character. "I am serious," he told, after revealing his very early plans at Phoenix Comic-Con. "I think there is a place for it. Straight to DVD or straight to cable. Who wouldn’t want to have this kind of thing going on?"

Well, J.J. Abrams, for starters, given that all things new in the Star Trek world revolve around his forthcoming studio sequel. You think Abrams and Paramount would mind if Dorn (who, he says, are planning on Kickstarting a non-Star Trek drama to feature various Star Trek actor friends of his) just made a small little movie about Worf captaining a ship, fighting space terrorists?

Well, yes. They would. But that shouldn't keep Dorn or the Trekkers out there from harboring hope; despite his admission that he's yet to go to his manager and his prospective direct-to-TV movie home SyFy to pitch his idea, Dorn exudes confidence that such a Worf spin-off might come to pass. "I have already started writing the script and excuse my language, but it's f—ing great."

[ via giantfreakingrobot]