Internet Prankster Pretends to Be Zombie, Gets Chased in Miami

Zombie Prank Gone WrongThis is why you should leave the zombie play to professionals in the movies, kids. And whatever you do, don't go around pretending to be a member of the face-eating living dead IN MIAMI, where folks are on high alert for crazed strangers and bath salts with good reason.

Unfortunately, this jerkwad internet pranker is reveling in the attention and boasts that his most irate victims only got in a few hits before he begged off as a jokester in undead clothing. He also has a prank video in which he pretends to fart on people, so by comparison this is some real highbrow stuff.

That said, face-eatin' is so hot these days, it can't be long until we see a movie based on the recent rash of real life cannibals. Here's my pitch: Found footage horror follows internet prankster who terrorizes unsuspecting citizens of Miami in zombie guise, only to find that the actual zombiepocalypse has begun; he is then eaten by zombies. Any takers?

[Vitalyztv via @MelAddington]

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  • bradslager says:

    There are neighborhoods down here where you don't dare honk your horn out of caution of catching hollow-point gunfire. This guy is lucky he is not in stage One of the undead phase.

    • Jen Yamato says:

      Word to that. And I wouldn't blame anyone for reacting violently out of fear for their own safety.

  • kaly says:

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  • 2+2=5 says:

    White people... sigh. I am surprised nobody popped a cap in his ass.

  • mo says:

    Wow people are so dumb most of us in SoFlo are walkin around hopin to avoid violence but this peckerhead is askin for it. I suppose people will be all upset when someone shoots him? I personally say get a grip you never know what scaring the heck out of a random stranger may do...heart attack.