What to Make of The Black Keys' Harmony Korine-Directed 'Gold on the Ceiling'...

Black Keys Harmony Korine

I'd be lying if I said I truly understood the music video for The Black Keys' "Gold on the Ceiling," or that it didn't just give me shades of the stomach-turning willies I've been getting from the words "face" and "eating" all week. So please, someone, watch the bizarre VHS-stylings of the latest Harmony Korine joint — an aesthetic cousin to his recent Trash Humpers, with a visual nod to the wheelchair banditry of Umshini Wam — and share in my amused discomfort. Because, yeah. Baby Twinz are my new nightmare.

If I see anyone dressed like this on Halloween, I might instinctively punch them in the throat before fleeing in the other direction. You've been warned.

Oh, good: MTV has more info on the ATL Twins, who make an appearance at the end of the video and are apparently real: "They're these twins who are all Fubu'ed out, but they only have sex with the same girl. They're really strange. They sleep in the same bed together." Sounds about right. And they're on Twitter! (FOLLOW.)

[via The Playlist]


  • SD says:

    I think the fact that the twins have sex with the same girl says more about the girl than it does about the twins.

    Nevertheless, is it weird that the video made me think of pink Mutant Ninja Turtles? TBH after watching that nothing else can be weird for a while.

    I am sure everyone is creeped out by different things but it is the dead looking Jeff Bridges Tron-Legacy faces that creeps me out. I was half expecting one of them to do a Donald Sutherland Body Snatchers face at some point and make me poop.

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