Harvey Weinstein, Interviewer, Asks: What’s Bill Clinton’s Favorite Movie?

Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein

Movies are by no means the most relevant topic discussed last night on Piers Morgan when Harvey Weinstein filled in as guest host and interviewed former President Bill Clinton about politics, kids drinking soda, and how much ass Hillary is kicking these days, but the parts in which the Hollywood powerhouse and the ex-Prez talked movies were some sort of bizarrely fascinating colliding of worlds. So what is Clinton's favorite movie?

Clinton shared his childhood memories of moviegoing between discussions of more compelling (okay, real) issues. His trip down memory lane included vivid recollections of the good old days. "You could go to the movies for a dime, and I’d get 20 cents — I think you could get a Coke and a candy bar for a nickel." (Well, he is over a dozen years older than Wilford Brimley was when he was the same age as Tom Cruise shooting Cocoon, or whatever.)

Now, the hypothetical Weinstein-produced Clinton biopic — there's an idea. Meryl Streep as Hillz? If anyone could make that happen, it'd be Weinstein. Better question: Who'd play Ryan Gosling?

[via CNN]

[Photo: President Clinton and Harvey Weinstein at Hillary Clinton's birthday party circa 2000 via Getty Images]