Independence Day Getting 3-D Re-Release in 2013

Independence Day 3-DIn 1996, it arrived. Within a few days, it struck box office gold. And on July 3, 2013, it comes 3-D! 20th Century Fox has announced plans to re-release Roland Emmerich's original destructo-blockbuster Independence Day next year in an extra dimension, because America apparently can't get enough of seeing Will Smith battle aliens. (Bad Boys in 3-D? Now that I'd pay to see.) Plan your 2013 '90s sci-fi flashback movie nights accordingly. [Collider]


  • Jon says:

    I refuse to go see this, even though I liked the movie. Please stop with this 3D fad, I hate it so bad! I wanted to see The Avengers on IMAX but refused because that meant also having to watch it in 3D. 3D offers NOTHING to the experience. Just stop already

  • Artist-hating Charles says:

    How's that expression go about polishing a turd?