Rock of Ages Clip: Mary J. Blige Sings Journey for Strippers

Mary J. Blige - Rock of Ages

Here's what I've been waiting for with all these pseudo-karaoke Rock of Ages glimpses we've endured: A look at Mary J. Blige — the realest singer in the cast, if you ask me — doing her thing. Watch as Mary J. as Justice Charlier drops the 411 on neophyte exotic dancer Julianne Hough to the sounds of Journey's "Any Way You Want It," which is apparently the rallying empowerment anthem of strippers everywhere circa 1987.

All these choreographed limbs and intentionally cheesy-bombastic rock 'n' roll faces are actually... growing on me. That said, I can't quite figure out what kind of '80s getup Hough is wearing here. What is that, Xanadu-chic?

Rock of Ages is in theaters June 15.


  • Sallyinchicago says:

    Mary is lit badlyand looks non-glamorous to put it nicely.

  • jupiterjoe says:

    This was a brave role for Tom Cruise to take on, maybe the bravest yet. He's made smart, bold choices several times in his career; Tropic Thunder, Collateral, Magnolia, Interview with a Vampire, Born on the Fourth of July. You could argue that the Mission: Impossible series has been a safety net, but he's made bold choices with directors there too.

  • TJ Wayne says:

    she looks like rupaul through most of this performance.