Epic Movie Spoofers Plotting Hunger Games Send-Up The Starving Games

Hunger Games spoof

Look, people: If you keep giving Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer money to make their cheap-o spoof flicks, they're going to keep the lowest common denominator drivel coming. Case in point: The Starving Games, the next in the duo's empire of big screen parodies, will take aim at Lionsgate's mega-hit The Hunger Games with a little something for every fanboy and girl. Variety reports: "Though The Hunger Games will be front and center for many of the jokes, other pics to be pilloried include The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes and the finale of the Harry Potter franchise." Ready, aim, spoof. [Variety]


  • I hope they take a scene verbatim from a popular film or trailer, but then have someone get hit in the face or crotch and falling down, followed by a shot of someone from an MTV reality show!

    Because otherwise, they're not getting my $15

  • "Starving Games?" Really? Really limp. It's non-clever crap like that which put Mad Magazine into a coma. Hollywood's new slogan: "What? Me Worry?"

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