Anyone Wanna Be in Atlas Shrugged 2?

Atlas Shrugged Part 2And now the latest sequel call from Movieline Central Casting: "So, what do you need to do to get on set? You need to get busy... 1. Follow us on Twitter and retweet any of our tweets. 2. Like us on Facebook and share any of our posts. The more you tweet and share, the more chance you have to be cast so, tweet and share early and often. We’ll be selecting an extra this Friday afternoon and flying the selectee and a guest to LA this coming Monday, May 14th - all expenses paid. Or, most expenses anyway - flight and hotel for two nights. By the way, while you’ll definitely be an 'extra' on set, we can’t really guarantee you screen time. But... we can certainly guarantee you a good time. We’ll make sure you get some cool swag too." Whatever, just give me one of those smoldering hats. [Atlas Shrugged]