Anyone Wanna Be in Raging Bull II?

Besides William Forsythe, that is: "Director Martin Guigui is currently scouting for: YOUNG JAKE LAMOTTA. To play 14-20 years old, and already a tough bare knuckles fighter. He takes his father’s frequent beatings without a sound and makes money fighting much bigger opponents in back alley fights set up by his drunken, abusive father. Please submit over 18 to play younger OR emancipated. GUISSEPE [sic] LAMOTTA. Portrays 40s-70s, Jake’s father, a tough-looking Italian man, he’s a mean drunk who handcuffs and beats his son. He sets up the back alley fights with Jake and much older, stronger opponents. Later he refuses to help the grown-up Jake when he asks for money. Late in life, a frail old man, he reconciles with Jake just before his death. STAR NAME ONLY." Good luck, Mickey Rourke! [Moviehole via The Playlist]