Avengers Joke Triggers Shawarma-Mania: Report

Avengers ShawarmaGod bless TMZ, which not only went digging for the truth about the Great Avengers Shawarma-Joke Caper of 2012 (no spoilers here, but: "At Ro Ro's Chicken — a famed Lebanese joint in Hollywood — the manager says shawarma sales jumped 80% in the days after the movie opened") but also accompanied its findings with a photo of the Marvel superheroes gazing lustily at a Middle Eastern platter that appears to be... not shawarma?

I thought shawarma was pita bread sandwich kind of thing? Whatever. Whoever designed this deserves a raise, it's the best Photoshop I've seen since... never mind.



  • bradslager says:

    How can it be the best when they got the dish wrong?!?! No, seriously - that longing gaze from Hulk is golden.

  • AD says:

    idk if that is really shawarma just from the picture, but it can be served in a pita or on a plate, it isn't exclusively one or the other.

  • G says:

    Correct, Shawarma is a style of how the meat is prepared (spit-bbq'd), not what it's served on. Could very well be shawarma in that pic, though at most places in the US it is indeed most commonly served in a pita.

  • chiefslapaho says:

    It's correct and what is pictured is shawarma platter not shawarma sandwich. It's like the Greek gyro. You can either get it as a sandwich or in a platter form.