Avengers Cookies: Your DIY Weekend Project

Avengers Cookies

Just when you think you've had enough of this week's Avengers hype, along comes perhaps the most irresistible bit of culture to date around the Marvel blockbuster: "Begin by outlining the cookie in your base color. (If you were starting with The Hulk, outline the entire shape in green. Color in your outline with green icing and cover the entire cookie. You can actually use a paintbrush to 'paint' your cookie.) Give the base a few minutes to dry and choose your next color. For The Hulk’s hair, outline his hairline in black and proceed to fill in with black icing. You can continue to draw features in and watch your character come to life." Take that, Jollibee! Find more kind of awesome Avengers party tips (DIY comic-book placemats!) here. [via Ricky Eisen]


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