Django Unchained Teaser Posters Let You Know Who's in Charge

I love the first teaser posters for Django Unchained — just vague enough to stir the imagination and just explicit enough to sing the film's epic, violent intentions in a way everyone can hear them. Very retro, very minimal, very... Quentin.

Which is probably the wildest thing here: the new film by Quentin Tarantino is being sold simply as... the new film by Quentin Tarantino. Not the new film by Quentin Tarantino starring, uh, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kurt Russell and Kerry Washington. Just... the new film by Quentin Tarantino. Or la nueva pelicula de Quentin Tarantino. It's like the Weinsteins and Sony are saying, "Taste this!" And you say, "Mmmm, delicious. What's in it?" And they say, "Shut up!" And you say, "But..." And they ladle hot sauce on it and say, "Now try it." And it's even better.

Anyway! What do you think?

[via Yahoo!, Screencrush]

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  • Jake says:

    Can't wait. The guy is a self-educated, highly-referential, post-modern national treasure.

    No one steals better than Tarantino.

  • AS says:

    I'm so excited! They could release a poster with nothing but the words "Django Unchained" on it and I'd be erect.

    All you need to say is "The new film by Quentin Tarantino" and people know what time it is.