In Search of the Best/Creepiest Titanic Fan Video of All Time

Say what you will about James Cameron’s epic 1997 romance Titanic, but everyone in the universe has seen it, sniffled at it, or at least has had its iconic moments indelibly seared into their brains. (Don’t even get me started on the soul-piercing power of “My Heart Will Go On.”) When it comes to Titanic fandom, 15 years of romantic obsession plus the internet have yielded quite the bounty of fan-made Titanic creations. Naturally, with Titanic 3-D steering towards theaters this week, Movieline searched near, far, and all across YouTube in search of the best of them.

Go in search of Titanic fan videos and you’ll find more than your fill of amateur home video reenactments and remixes. Apparently anyone with a camera who’s gone on a cruise in the years since Titanic has done some measure of the “I’m the king of the world!” while running around the lido deck (and who can blame them). But not many folks have turned their Titanic obsessions into cats-singing-Celine Dion videos, tributes in LEGO, or… well, just scroll down to countdown to what’s probably the best (and inevitably creepy) Titanic fan clip of all time.

Titanic II: If Jack Had Lived
It's the number one fantasy among Titanic romantics: What if Jack had lived? Why did he have to die, dammit! WHY DID ROSE LET GO?? In this fantasy mash-up of Titanic and 2008's Revolutionary Road, which reunited Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet onscreen, Jack and Rose walk off the Titanic and go on to become miserable suburban marrieds… if only they could get away to Paris, to Jack's old stomping grounds, like they’d once dreamed!

Further viewing: Titanic vs. Inception, which illustrates the popular idea that Jack Dawson didn't freeze to death one that one fateful night... but rather woke up on the beach years later in Inception.

Dead Cat Orchestra – My Heart Will Go On
Celine Dion's heart-wrenching love ballad... as sung by two mewling dying cats. Also see: Cat-Tanic.

That one Hanson music video
I vaguely remembered this momentous meeting of Titanic's Gloria Stuart, Hanson, and Weird Al from Hanson's pop culture crossroads. "I'll never forget that night... it was right after I got my Hanson tattoo!" Sorry for this one.

Lego Titanic 3D trailer spoof
There are a lot of terrible Titanic LEGO videos on the internet, kids, but this one keeps it short and sweet.

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  • Patrick Hallstein / McEvoy-Halston says:

    I think it would do us good to see Jack and Rose together again, but in a mature but loving one. Instead we got spanked by Revolutionary Road, where his best moment is with the sex-pot secretary.

  • Patrick Hallstein / McEvoy-Halston says:

    Did you read Kerouac, btw. I know it's not a thing, but in a small-mammal-in-the-age-of-dinosaurs kind of way, the fine book club idea has been stoked.

  • The idea of somebody filming a Titanic scene in the tub
    is....ah, no. Not even a LUSITANTIA production with its
    own torpedoes off the coast of Ireland.
    Two classic films do the job, Jen.
    A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, with its b/w film, it conveys all
    the horror and icy death.
    UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN. You have to get to the Titanic portions, but when they come, again, the horror and death is there.

  • Nellie says:

    I can't believe you didn't post the Titanic: The Sequel!! It's the best one!