The 9 Most Offensively Stupid Parts of Pitbull’s Men in Black 3 Theme Song

As if you didn't already have enough reason to be afraid of the coming megabudgeted cash-in that is Men in Black 3, here comes the sequel's poppy theme song, courtesy of rapper Pitbull and not franchise star/Fresh Prince Will Smith. Oh, it gets worse: "My 19-year-old daughter turned me on to Pitbull," explained director Barry Sonnenfeld (via NME). "I'm thrilled that he wrote such a great song for our movie that totally gets it." If this monstrosity "totally gets it," we're all screwed. Hit the jump to listen and find out why.

Where do I even begin... How about by listing, in no particular order, the 9 worst, most idiotic and insufferable and insulting parts of this future hit single, which already inexplicably has 2,000 likes on Facebook and has virtually nothing to do with the movie itself?

1. The co-opting of Mickey & Sylvia’s "Love is Strange" AKA that song from Dirty Dancing that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze crawled across the floor to which now sounds like that horrid Fatboy Slim "Brimful of Asha" remix.

2. Someone wrote these lyrics: "Excuse me, baby/Yeah, you baby/You’re groovy baby/let’s make a movie baby..."

3. Pitbull's spoken intro, in which he claims to be "reporting live from Cape Canaveral." YES OF COURSE YOU ARE.

4. "Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie/like Agent J or Agent K and I wish the whole world would..." And aliens and dress socks and I wish the whole world would, too. You know.

5. "I’m trying to make a billion out of fifteen cents." Oh, the crass commercialization of perverting an iconic rap line about desperate street hustling into a throwaway lyric in your blockbuster tie-in pop-rap ditty. It is hard to be legit and still pay your rent, isn't it Pitbull?

6. "Give credit where credit is due/Know that I don’t give a number two." Worst. Line. Ever. You get credit for that for always.

7. At last, some words of truth: "To understand the future we have to go back in time…" Like to before I ever heard this song? Is that possible?? You see, in the movie Will Smith's Agent J has to go back to the 1960s to save Agent K and, um, learn things. About the future. Clearly Pitbull was only given the Men in Black 3 synopsis to go off of while writing this.

8. Something something "Ray Charles." Because why not?

9. "Let’s save the world/Men in Black/I know y’all understand." Nope, I do not. At all.

Sigh. Who else needs a palate cleanser? Here, this should suffice:

"Back in Time" is credited to songwriters Armando C. Perez (Pitbull), Marc Kinchen, Adrian Trejo and Urales Vargas. Men in Black 3 is in theaters May 25.

[via Coming Soon]


  • the song s good says:

    good song, there are worse songs in the top 10 on itunes.
    this sounds solid, i like it.

  • metroville says:

    How about (10): Ripping off Huey Lewis' title to a far superior song to close an infinitely superior movie?

  • d says:

    horrible. thanks for pointing it out, jen!

  • The Winchester says:

    11) Making me pine for the "Wild Wild West" song, and realizing it's far superior.

    Also, I hate this song for turning me into an old man when I actually said out loud "What is this noise? People call this music?!?" while listening to it.

  • Albert C. Delano says:

    ... When Will Smith's writing abilities are reminded with fondness...

  • MartiniShark says:

    On the upside, we can only hope now that Pitbull will join that pantheon of recording artists who did a movie cash-in song and then were never heard from again (Like the aforementioned Huey Lewis, Christopher Cross, Sheena Easton, et al, ect.)

  • Lmpo says:

    This article is offensively stupid. making such a big deal out of this, song is ok, don't care about the lyrics, it's not like pitbull is known for shakesperian lines.

  • Mrs worldwide says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously you have no life Because if u didn't u would be sitting there blogging about one song that pitbull made for a movie. Get a life and leave the musician alone because obviously they are doing something right because they are famous and making bank while you are sitting at home making blogs.

    • MeLookinToMonitor says:

      ^ love this! But, Jen is also makin money by the ads. Maybe that is why she wrote this "extreme" blog to attract people to hit the "green" ads

  • James says:

    I ,agreeing with Jen, feel I have the right to criticise artists like pit bull that get $ for no talent.
    People really need to push for better artists (majority of which rarely creep onto radio), or at least stop funding this "Shakespearean lyricist"

  • Johnboy says:

    #10...the stupid dub-step crap that interrupts the flow of the music...

  • Horrid, horrid song. says:

    I agree with this post completely.

    I hated Pitbull before, and now I hate him even more.
    I actually had no idea this song was written for the Men in Black movie until I googled 'Does anyone else really hate that song Back in Time by Pitbull?' and managed to find out.
    1. You're right, the song has nothing to do with the movie, what it IS doing though, is gaining Pitbull money. Which is really unfortunate because I wish he would stop making his so called music.
    2. The lyrics are so extremely dumb and simplified, and wow. Just bad.
    All in all, the song just really, really irritating! It gets on my nerves. and I try to avoid listening to it at all costs.

    • Tyson says:

      How do you know that it has nothing to do with the movie if you didn't know it was written for the Men In Black 3 movie? And why exactly do you wish he would stop making his music? Because you don't like it? Nobody is forcing you to listen to it or spend your time googling it.

  • Steph says:

    I happen to like it! It's a catchy song for a summer blockbuster movie; it's not supposed to have meaningful lyrics... It really just sounds like you're mad that they sampled a song that you have over connected to a 1 minute scene of Dirty Dancing and that doesn't seem fair. I think the beat coincides perfectly with the sampling as well as Pitbull's contributions. If you don't like his style of music, then you never will, but I don't think that's a reason to say it's a stupid song...he's clearly a pretty good musician that's been around for years and that's the reason they chose him for the theme song. Also, the title and the most common phrase in the song ("back in time") is really what the whole movie is about.

  • ryansgirl says:

    Uh I found this site by accident, I had no idea what it was about until I read some of the blog AND I listened to the song (for educational purposes) and I have to agree. Worst. Song. Ever. Period.

  • Anon says:

    This song is a giant piece of shit. There is no defense for this atrocity to my ears.

  • London says:

    It's kind of hilarious how defensive some of the people who like Pitbull tend to get. Fact of the matter is, Pitbull is big right now and that's what'll catch attention. You can't really just say "back in time" a few times in a song and say that it has everything to do with the movie... Why not you, Will Smith? WHY?

  • MC EDDIE says:

    I Fixed it. (Stole the instrumental and added lyrics referring to time travel in pop culture.)

  • Lawyer says:

    I hate this song. All they did is take a bunch of randoms words and put them together. It's just laziness to me.

  • itcomagic says:

    Hey, Jen. You might be the worst author ever. This article was clearly thrown together. I'm glad Pitbull makes a whole lot more money than you do. You are the AT&T of stupid articles.

  • Kishore says:

    The song of pitbull in men in black is awesome i luv him he brings me smile wen ever or any time i'm not in a mood

  • Kishore says:

    Pitbull is awesome the song in men in black movie is superb i love him he brings smile on my face wen ever i'm in bad mood

  • Bob Williams says:

    So am I to understand that your argument is basically: if Will Smith had done this exact same song, it would have been okay? Come now, that seems rather racist, does it not?

  • "Nope, I do not. At all."


    We'll be the one's enjoying ourselves at the club. Stop by and say hi. We don't bite. You might even learn to enjoy the beat without giving a rat's *** about the words.

  • The Meta says:

    If haters gonna hate, do it off the god damn Internet.

    wE ARe ThE MEtA

  • tilly says:

    He literally took his life from a negative and made it a positive. He is a business.
    "10% talent 90% talent"...his words. He has worked hard for everything he has. He has made sure his family no longer has to struggle like he did growing up. He is a businessman and great one at that. Hats off to you Papo. Listen starting at 3:10. Listen and learn...stop hating. Pitbull Panel Q&A @ 2012 Billboard Latin Music Conference: via @youtube

  • tilly says:

    you guys ticked me off....10% TALENT 90% BUSINESS!!!!!!!

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