3-D Ticket Prices May Decline in 2012, But There's a Catch

Good news! Those annoying extra ticket price surcharges you've been paying to see movies in the third dimension could wane in the coming year, predicts Spotlight Theatres CEO Joe Paletta. Oh wait, there's bad news too: Regular old 2-D prices will rise to even things out.

"Among the bigger changes will [sic] probably see the 3-D upcharge disappear," he writes. "3-D charges will help increase the overall ticket-price but, as an industry, I think we’ll see a blend begin to emerge in 2012, where patrons will have a single price for both 2-D and 3-D films. 2-D prices will increase and 3-D prices will decrease."

By my calculation this only benefits 3-D enthusiasts and 3-D filmmakers, and punishes anyone who doesn't want to subject themselves to the stereoscopic experience. And what of the stereo-blind?? If Spotlight's ticket adjustments catch on to other chains, be prepared to dip into your pocketbooks accordingly.

[Screen Trade via Movie City News]


  • dreamer (not the only) says:

    In the future, audiences will only have one eye and the industry will only make movies in 3D regardless. And they'll still have to wear glasses!

  • AS says:

    All right studio's, you got your wish, I'll just pirate every movie now.

  • Max Renn says:

    Wow, the studios really DO want to drive audiences back home.

    • Drive the audiences back home? SURE! Why not? Who
      wants to tally up ticket receipts? Easier to sell their
      product to one of the major cable channels--one big
      package. Technology for home viewing is here for
      3D, right?
      Path of least resistance.