Is Leprechaun Being Rebooted for WWE Wrestler Hornswoggle?

This is pure speculation, but it's St. Patrick's Day weekend! Let's connect the dots: Lionsgate and WWE Studios are teaming up on a reboot of the 1993 pic Leprechaun, the creature comedy-horror which infamously featured a young Jennifer Aniston and kicked off a series of terrible films centered on a murderous Irish fairy hell-bent on recovering his precious gold. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), meanwhile, has a diminutive wrestler named Hornswoggle under contract, whose ring persona is that of a mischievous leprechaun. Pure coincidence, or will Leprechaun mark the next screen debut for a WWE star?

Granted, it's a bit of a longshot given that Hornswoggle (real name: Dylan Postl) isn't one of the major stars in the wrestling world. And beyond its slate of tailor-made wrestling champ vehicles (The Scorpion King, The Marine, The Condemned) WWE Studios have been branching out, picking up titles for distribution that don't feature any of their wrestlers-turned-thespians. But it's kind of too perfect an opportunity for cross-branding to pass up, don't you think?

No stars have yet been announced for the Leprechaun reboot, so marinate on the possibilities over a mug of green beer this weekend. I mean, who doesn't want to see Warwick Davis's shoes filled by an actor who has a finishing move called the Tadpole Splash?

[Variety, @lytrules]


  • Jen, your story about LEPRECHAUN with the murderous
    Irish fairy, was shocking. Shocking. I may never cut
    open another bar of green soap, or have another brimming
    bowl of me frosted Lucky Charms. LEPRECHAUN. Some
    things are better left alone; it's a project with zero chance
    to be "magically delicious".

    • Jen Yamato says:

      Only the hardest-hitting stories for you, my friend. Be careful out there this weekend.

      • Thanks for caring, Jen, but my plans involve cooking, then
        watching GWANGGAETO on the Korean channel. BUT, it
        might be fun to go up to one of the DUI checkpoints and
        give 'em some show-tunes. "Have you been drinking?"
        "I don't know that one; how about "Some Enchanted
        Evening?"" Thanks, Jen!