1 Through 19, Let's Rank the Films of David Cronenberg


Happy 69th birthday to David Cronenberg — a great Canadian and not a bad filmmaker, either. And because this has gone so well in the past, let's celebrate by asking: What's Cronenberg's best feature film? His worst? And where do the rest fall in between? The answers are obvious:

19. Naked Lunch
18. Crimes of the Future
17. Fast Company
16. M. Butterfly
15. Stereo
14. They Came from Within
13. The Brood
12. A Dangerous Method
11. Rabid
10. eXistenZ
9. Crash
8. Spider
7. Eastern Promises
6. Videodrome
5. The Dead Zone
4. The Fly
3. Scanners
2. A History of Violence
1. Dead Ringers

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