Here Comes the New Men in Black 3 Trailer (To Underwhelm You)

Sony's got quite the job ahead of them selling the mega-budgeted sequel Men in Black III, due in May, if the new trailer is any indication: See Will Smith drop lines like "I don't have no problem pimp-slapping the shiznit outta Andy Warhol" and be transported to a futuristic time-traveling retro '60s that looks and sounds a lot like the one Austin Powers came from. I guess the '90s are the new '80s, but this is just lazy.

The new sequel follows alien-hunting Agent J (Smith) into the past to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) by teaming up with a younger version of K (Josh Brolin doing his best Tommy Lee Jones impression). Look forward to the usual broad aliens-among-us gags and that mind eraser schtick that audiences loved in 1997! Smith bemoans that he's "getting too old for this," and I'm inclined to agree. Aren't we all?

Verdict: Looks tired. Insert mind eraser joke here.


  • miles silverberg says:

    Yeah, it looks a little tired. Yeah, it looks like it's balancing on the head of a one-joke pin. But I'm really hoping to enjoy this for some reason. It's the only thing I can stand to see Will Smith in, and I thought the first two were just fine (yes, II was plenty funny so nyah nyah).

    Please be better than the trailer! Please?

    • j'accuse! says:

      Until this flops, I'm going to continue to believe that Will Smith could open a film featuring only a continuous static shot of a bare ass if he wanted to. Yes, he can. Le sigh...

  • Yashar says:

    They've hired Mr Garrison to make the IT for them from the South Park episode The Entity.;_The_Entity%29.jpeg

    Seriously, what is that thing K and J are riding?

  • maninwhite says:

    Gender role speaking it's funny to watch the possibly closeted Will Smith threaten to open a can of whup-ass on the blithe, physically barely-there Warhol.
    These movies are such pitifully conveyor belt product, and really ugly to look at.
    I don't think Hollywood has been suffering more than it is right now.