Celebrity Sexytime Catchup: Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, and That Kid from Project X Edition

In case you missed all of the weekend’s riveting PR stunts accidental leaks, here’s all you need to know: Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, and one of the stars from the debauchery fest Project X got caught up in an assortment of salacious news that warns us once again against the dangers of doing sexy things in the vicinity of recording devices if you’re famous. (Unless, ahem, you've got a project to push.) Nude pics, Photoshopped naughtiness, and even – gasp! – a secret porn past were revealed thanks to the Internet; hit the jump to catch up as we wait for the inevitable awesome Taiwanese animated recap to drop.

I'd save the best for last, but I honestly can't decide which of the weekend's titillating tales was tops. So we'll start with boobs: Christina Hendricks' boobs, to be exact. The Mad Men/Drive actress acknowledged that she'd been hacked but insisted that a nude NSFW shot included in a batch of photos posted this weekend is not her. And who are we to argue? So an actress took camera phone pictures of herself. And she, being a lady, has breasts. Revelations! Even if she is currently pimping the upcoming return of Mad Men with various other sexually-charged interviews and even if the photo's legit, it's just an innocent blip on the radar compared to...

Olivia Munn and her alleged naughty lingerie photos hit Sunday as well, notable only because of the instances of extremely cheesy dirty talk Photoshopped onto them, ostensibly for private dissemination to an acquaintance. Named Chris... as in ex Chris Pine, perhaps? Would former G4 hostess Munn take the time to Photoshop whilst sexting? Who knows, but wouldn't that be kind of awesomely nerdy of her if she did? While she doesn't seem to have anything to push until this summer's Magic Mike -- and perhaps no obvious reason to leak said pics herself -- Munn pleads the Hendricks "It wasn't me" defense. Whatever. I don't know how she does it.

Last but certainly not least we have a bit of news that hit earlier in the weekend, on Saturday, super coincidentally-timed to give Project X the strategic viral profile it needed. That's right folks, it's porn. And it appears to have been performed, circa 2008, by the film's relative newcomer Jonathan Daniel Brown (AKA JB, the sweet, chubby one).

In their report, TMZ cites "sources close to Jonathan" with the scoop, probably because "makers of Project X" or "Jonathan Daniel Brown's publicist" or, also possibly, "The guys still trying to make money off the thing four years later" would've been too conspicuous; AVN, meanwhile, digs deep to conjure a very explicit interview with one of Brown's confidantes from the film in question, an episode named Nerd Hunting in adult series entitled F*ck Team 5. With a gem like that on his resume, how could Brown not have gotten the Project X gig?

On the one hand, I feel for these individuals and the invasion of privacy they've suffered in and because of the limelight. On the other, the trifecta of events serves as a good reminder to Hollywood's image-conscious up and comers. So what have we learned? 1. Keep a lock on your cell phone security. 2. When in doubt, say it wasn't you! And 3. Porn never really goes away, does it?

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