VIDEO: Suicidal Uggie, Oscar Cats Take Center Stage in Animated Awards Recap

Either animal obsessions are instinctive to this awards season, or someone's been unduly influenced by Movieline favorites Uggie and Otis the Oscar Cat. There is no other real takeaway from the latest animated news video from the folks at NMA, which makes nifty work of summarizing an utterly depressing, anticlimactic Academy Awards evening that "clocked in at just under 10 hours." Have a look and see if your memory matches theirs.



  • j'accuse! says:

    Otis and Uggie could reboot At the Movies for us. Variations on Jen's best picture thing, and the interviews would be fantastic. Uggie gets George Clooney to cry, Otis gets Brad Pitt to awkwardly state that some of his best friends are's so crazy, it just might work.