Consider Uggie, Day 51: Artist Wonder Dog Visits Ellen, Facebook Following Hits 6K

Seeing Uggie, the Artist's celebrated Jack Russell terrier, onstage Sunday night at the Golden Globes might have been enough to placate some observers who've demonstrated an interest in the wonder dog's awards-season recognition. But for most who've joined the "Consider Uggie" chorus -- 6,218 fans and counting -- our mission is only getting started.

We've seen the most measurable growth at both Movieline's "Consider Uggie" Facebook page and the Weinstein Company's @Uggie_theArtist Twitter feed, the latter of which in particular has become a comprehensive clearing house for all the #ConsiderUggie news and developments you can stand. And I hope you can stand a lot of them, because:

· Uggie was on Ellen today, reprising some of his finest performance tricks and probably cutting a mean rug with the famously dance-friendly host after the credits rolled:

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· The BBC devoted an entire segment to the matter of Uggie's -- and, by extension, all animals' -- ineligibility at the the Oscars, led by an uncanny simulation of what an Uggie acceptance speech might sound like. Skip ahead to the 52:00 mark; it is goosebump-inducing and extraordinary. Or it'll make the skeptics bang their heads on a wall -- which is fine with me! Just bang them hard.

· People's pet site rounded up five noteworthy facts for Uggie newcomers, including this remarkable performance anecdote I hadn't heard or read before:

While shooting one intense scene in which a character turns a handgun on himself, Uggie jumped into action. "Uggie was barking and pulling on the pant leg, but what they didn't show in the scene was Uggie actually reached up and tried to pull the gun out of his hand," [co-trainer Sarah Clifford] says. "It was so incredible, I actually got emotional on set."

Are you listening, AMPAS Actors Branch?

· Failing that, are you listening, AMPAS? Especially when it comes to Lana Berkowitz's suggestion that the Academy split the difference between Team Uggie and its skeptics by letting the pooch simply co-host the Oscars with Billy Crystal. "The Academy has tried lots of combinations to enliven the awards ceremony," Berkowitz writes, "and Uggie seems like the best idea yet as a partner for Crystal, who is making his ninth appearance as host." In the unthinkable instance of an Uggie snub among next Tuesday's Oscar nominations, Team Uggie may consider that compromise. One thing at a time, though!

· Uggie and his Artist co-star Penelope Ann Miller were reportedly slated to announce the nominations for the inaugural Golden Collar Awards this morning, but I'm not able to locate much about it beyond the barking, Doggie Drudge-style headline at the GCA founder's Web site. Developing...

· And finally, is this brand-new American Greetings video Valentine's Day card Uggie's Norbit? OK, don't answer that. Let's go, Uggie!

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  • Lorie says:

    By the time the Oscars are here, I'll be tired of the same speeches by the frontrunners(talking to you Clooney). But, this year, we have Uggie! I hope they bring him to all the award shows.