This Week: Follow Stephanie Zacharek on Slate's Movie Club!

The annual critical powwow that is Slate's Movie Club is currently underway, with that site's Dana Stevens leading a conversation between a redoubtable quartet also including Michael Phillips, Dan Kois and Movieline's own Stephanie Zacharek. What's on the agenda?

To date, topics discussed include:

· Goosebumps vs. nausea (looking at you, Melancholia)
· Great-looking mediocrity (cough, Tree of Life, cough)
· What if Fast Five is better than Drive?
· Charting a relationship between Bucky Larson and Shame
· Bridesmaids and the resuscitation of the rom-com

...and much more to come! Go! Read it!

· Slate Movie Club [Slate]


  • Charles says:

    And when will Stephanie appear on Charlie Rose? Or did I miss it? I can't wait for the "Young Adult" discussion.