Wrath of the Titans Trailer: Sweet Dreams Are Made of CG

The first trailer for the action sequel Wrath of the Titans just hit, and -- what's that? You forgot this movie existed entirely? And you're tired of replaying the new Dark Knight Rises trailer over and over again just to make out Bane's muffled dialogue? I'm pretty sure he's growling something along the lines of, "Geez, didja see the new Wrath of the Titans trailer? They really did a number on poor Sam Worthington's hair, amirite?" Holy Greek demigods, people -- he's like Kenny Powers in sandals. Curls will rise, and then some. Watch the CG spectacular after the jump.

First thought: What does this have to do with the last time Worthington stepped out in terrible, terrible 3-D?

Second thought: Wait, what was the first Clash of the Titans even about again?

Third thought: Eh, it doesn't matter. Beardy Liam Neeson needs Curls McGee to sharpen his swords for some reason involving Titans escaping and the gods losing their power. I'm pretty sure Tarsem covered this in Immortals, but sure. Bring on the killer Siamese twin murder monsters! Release the lava giant! Bring an apple for the Pegasus! Etc., etc.

Between the sword-n-sandal element, the abundance of CG, and the use of Marilyn Manson's "edgy" "Sweet Dreams" cover in the trailer -- not to mention Wrath of the Titans' March 2012 release date -- it feels like someone (cough Legendary/WB cough) is attempting to follow the 300 formula of success. There's no indication yet on how how much director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) will improve the 3-D element, or how much the inclusion of Toby Kebbel in Perseus's ragtag band of warriors will boost my enjoyment of it. (Ditto Rosamund Pike as the series' next smokin' hot warrior princess type.)

Verdict: I don't think the 3-D's gonna be the problem this time around, boys.

Watch it in HD over at Apple.