Week in Review: The Golden Globes Try Sanity for a Change


It's time to do some shopping, kids. After a week of semi-reasonable Golden Globe nominations (!) and the tragic downfall of The Daldry, I'm throwing away wads of cash at the Glendale Americana and never looking back. Do you think they sell the exotic headgear Elizabeth Taylor wore in Raintree County? Maybe at Zara or something? I don't know. Let's review the week and run away somewhere.

· We had a fabulous week of interviews -- check out our one-on-ones with Jeremy Renner, Jonah Hill, Brad Bird, and Guy Ritchie.

· Hey, guess what? The Golden Globe nominations weren't that crazy, and the Oscars are kind of a tight race this year. Is there a chance both ceremonies will be -- I don't know -- dignified and entertaining?

· Christian Bale is big trouble in little China, and he doesn't even get to bed Kim Cattrall.

· Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby looks like an amazing high school production of an Agatha Christie play.

· Michelle Orange lived through Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and now Mother Teresa's feats are irrelevant in comparison.

· I cheated with this week's Bad Movie We Love and treated you to the greatest movie of all time, Clue.

Which new/old releases are in your weekend plans? Share below!


  • AS says:

    Totally unrelated but it would be awesome if you'd sync up Twitter with the comments section. It would make things much more convenient.

  • Gwendaline says:

    MY weekend plans? well it would have to be ghost protocol. I want to see how a washed up 5 foot 7 inch nice man convinces me that he is a super killer and wears his hair slightly differently (well exactly the same as every other movie he does) and runs down a building slightly differently from the last three or so mission impossibles!