The 100 Days 'Til The Hunger Games Poster Puzzle Hunt Is On -- And We've Got #78!

hungergamespuzzle78.jpgMake like Katniss and sharpen those hunting skills, Hunger Games fans, because Lionsgate's launching a scavenger hunt with a worthy payoff to count down the mere 100 days that remain until Suzanne Collins' dystopian teen battle royale tale hits screens on March 23: Collect all 100 pieces in the Hunger Games 100 Poster Puzzle Hunt and be the first to get a peek at the full official first poster for the March flick. You can start with golden-flecked puzzle piece #78 (of 100), which Movieline hosts exclusively after the jump. (Hint: It's a corner piece! Get to puzzling already!)

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Here's how to play:

- One hundred (100) puzzle pieces are hiding online waiting to be discovered and pieced together; once you fit all 100 pieces together, post your completed puzzle to Facebook and @tag The Hunger Games Official Movie Page.

- When the first fan solves the puzzle and posts it to Facebook, Lionsgate will release the poster in all of its high resolution glory.

Helpful hints: Search for #HungerGames100 on Twitter to track each piece, and get more info on the game here.

Without further ado... behold, piece 78/100


(Download the PDF here directly:

Good luck citizens, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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