Dark Knight Rises Viral Blitz: Bane's Gotham Attack Plans Revealed? (PICS)

tdk_banemapkitty.jpgHeads up, Dark Knight Rises watchers: A cool bit of viral marketing just arrived on my doorstep detailing what appear to be the dastardly plans of Tom Hardy's S&M baddie Bane. If you're remaining spoiler-free, I'd advise you not to hit the jump for more... not that I can really make heads or tails of the elaborate map of Gotham City he's marked up with his dastardly plans. Fire's about to rise, y'all!

Okay, so we're agreed -- anything beyond this point could very well be spoilers. (Having pored over the contains of said package, I can at least say that I'm still fuzzy on exactly what I'm looking at.) Also: HOW COOL IS THIS MAP OF GOTHAM CITY?? But I understand if you want to remain as virgin-pure on any details whatsoever for the Dark Knight sequel. In which case, why did you even click this far?


The package consists of a mysterious mailing tube wrapped in what appears to be a map detailing an attack on Gotham City orchestrated, ostensibly, by Tom Hardy's S&M villain Bane. Inside, a t-shirt declaring "Fire Rises" emblazoned with Bane's silk-screened mug. I'm sure you'll be able to find it at a Hot Topic near you soon enough.


But back to that map: Scrawled all over it in red Sharpie are plans for a 5-front attack on Gotham City noting "GPD response time," "Rally points," and "Check point: Bridge/tunnels." I know maps of the fictional Gotham City are nothing new, but still. So. Cool. Take a closer look at the five "strike zones" below.







If you can make sense of this, be my guest! And please share your notes with the rest of the class in the comments below.

Meanwhile, tremble in fear for the wrath of... The Dark Kitty Rises!


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