By the Numbers: Breaking Down the New Expendables 2 Teaser

The new 60-second teaser for The Expendables 2 isn't quite as LOL-splosive as the poster we all saw a few weeks back, but it's still pretty great in its own sort of testosterrific way. What's its secret? Let's try breaking the magic down by the numbers:

Length of teaser: 60 seconds

Total amount of actual film footage: 22 seconds

Number of Expendables 2 title cards: 0

Number of Expendables 2 Web site title cards: 1

Actors listed: 11

First names used: 0

Ex-governors featured: 1

Speaking parts: 1

Scowling parts: 8

Combined age of listed cast: 565 years

Average age of listed cast: 51 years

Target male demographic: 18-25

Weapons featured (including Expendables skull animation): 77

Weapons featured (excluding Expendables skull animation): 11

Guns featured: 8

Guns fired: 1

Knives brandished: 1

Pairs of sunglasses removed: 1

Explosions: 0

Stuntmen harmed: 0

[via Apple]