Drive Fan-Made Animated Trailer: Facestomping for Kids!

Drive fanaticism is still in (groan) overdrive. The team of Bruno et Tom have created an alternative trailer for Drive featuring The Driver's silver scorpion jacket, well-lit stoicism, and a bit of musical mimicry. He's an animated hero! And an animated human being! Coming soon to the Fox Kids lineup. Check all out the cartoon facestomping after the jump.

Yes, it may not be the most Oscar-friendly fan favorite of this year's films, but Drive's iconography is pretty unmistakable at this point. I can't say that about any other film of this year, and I don't even like Drive better than Coriolanus, Margin Call, Martha Marcy May Marlene, or Young Adult. Fact is, Drive's resonance is already outlasting these other markedly better, less pretentious films, and for that it deserves more recognition -- or at least more cute, fan-made animated trailers. Where is the Muppets parody of Fozzie facestomping Rowlf? Anyone?

Animated Alternative Trailer for 'Drive' [Bleeding Cool]


  • AS says:

    Referring to films as "pretentious," that's the classic tactic when one wants to dismiss a highly praised film that they couldn't appreciate. It's so old at this point.

  • Hombre Gato says:

    Pretentious comes up a lot in reference to Drive and I don't get it. What is it that's so wrong about taking audacious risks and making a clear, cool crime drama? The fact that Nic Refn willed it in the first place? Movies would be pretty boring if stylistic directors suddenly started asking themselves if they're important enough to make something so extravagant.