Custom Bellflower Medusa Car Can Be Yours to Drive Around the Apocalypse For Just $250,000

After you watch the horrific repercussions of Twilight's sweet, placenta-chomping vampire romance this weekend, check out the indie drama Bellflower, one of the year's more vivid and gut-wrenching examinations of the more painful side of love. You think delivering a monster baby is stressful, Bella Swan? Just see what happens to poor Woodrow (writer-director Evan Glodell) in the aftermath of puppy love. At least he's got the kick-ass, flame-throwing, apocalypse-ready Medusa car to ride around in... which can be yours, Bellflower fans, for just a few (thousand -- OK, many thousands of) bucks!

I raved about Bellflower earlier this year, but since it only opened in limited release opportunities to see it were scarce. The micro-budgeted flick is available as of this week on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD, so no more excuses!

Okay, the real reason I'm posting this: Over at the official website of Coatwolf Productions, the Bellflower crew's got a special item for sale. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR VERY OWN MEDUSA CAR. WHICH SHOOTS FLAMES AND IS GENERALLY THE MOST BADASS CAR IMAGINABLE. And only for $250,000! (Someone buy this for me, yes? Heck, with that much money the Bellflower crew could make over a dozen more Bellflowers!)

As described by Glodell:

If you give us $250,000 -- Myself, Paul Edwardson and the entire Coatwolf team will drop whatever we are doing for a month and go crazy building you a badass post-apocalyptic, fire breathing, battle ready Medusa Car. We will even cover the legal fees to make sure we can deliver it to you without getting arrested.

Glodell, whose Bellflower getup made for an amazing if obscure movie-referencing costume this past Halloween, also posted a new alternate trailer for the film, shot this past summer, which beautifully encapsulates what the movie's about. Watch it below and look for Bellflower on home vid this weekend, if you're in the mood for an incredibly visceral (and gorgeously-shot, on a shoestring budget) few hours that'll cut your heart all the way open -- in the best possible way, of course.

[Coatwolf Productions]


  • KRIS the KLINGON says:

    MEDUSA car looks okay. At first I thought the Green Hornet TV show car would be better,
    but by being turned upside-down every week, its engine and oil would be screwed up. Can I
    have a sixties BATMOBILE instead? It's got the ejector seat, so when that first date goes bad...
    TWANGG!!! you're outta here, honey. Except if you look like Lee Meriwether's Catwoman.