Weekend Receipts: Immortals Sends Jack and Jill Downhill to Number 2 Slot

While it didn't quite slay Jack and Jill at the box office -- a more resounding spanking might've restored my faith in humanity, but many, many folks still came out for the Adam Sandler twinsies comedy -- Tarsem's fantasy actioner Immortals exceeded expectations on its way to a surprising $32 million number one opening, the best ever debut for studio Relativity Media. Also: Puss in Boots and Tower Heist continued to slide down the ranks, with J. Edgar making a decent go of things to round out the Top 5. Dive in for your Weekend Receipts!

1. Immortals

Gross: $32,000,000 (new)

Screens: 3,112 (PSA $10,283)

Weeks: 1

Pundits had Tarsem's bloody spin on Greek mythology pegged to fall behind the dual star power of Adam Sandler playing opposite himself, but surprise! Immortals shot to number 1 from the get go, thanks to a mostly young crowd and a marketing campaign that invoked the name of 300, Zack Snyder's stylized period ab-fest. The auspicious opening is a good sign for future Superman Henry Cavill, who makes his action debut as the sword-swinging, sandal-wearing Theseus.

2. Jack and Jill

Gross: $26,000,000 (new)

Screens: 3,438 (PSA $7,563)

Weeks: 1

It may have come in just a smidge under the $30 million opening range typical of an Adam Sandler movie, but $26 million worth of ticket buyers still looked at the trailer and ads and abysmal reviews for Jack and Jill and thought, "Gee, why not?" (Add to that the fact that it got an A- rating from the under-18 segment of the polled audience.) I weep for humanity. When is Adam Sandler just going to completely give up and make Re-Do, already?

3. Puss in Boots

Gross: $25,500,000 ($108,809,000)

Screens: 3,903 (PSA $6,533)

Weeks: 3 (Change: -22.9%)

The Shrek spin-off broke $100 million domestic this week, showing some staying power in its third week of release. Guess this means that Puss in Boots 2 announcement is due any day, right?

4. Tower Heist

Gross: $13,200,000 ($43,900,000)

Screens: 3,370 (PSA $3,917)

Weeks: 2 (Change: -45.1%)

Give Tower Heist another few weeks and it'll fade from our collective memory, like that fever dream we all had where Brett Ratner was directing the Oscars. Ha! As if.

5. J. Edgar

Gross: $11,470,000 (new)

Screens: 1,910 (PSA $6,005)

Weeks: 1

Clint Eastwood's would-be Oscar heavyweight shrank in stature this week thanks to mixed reviews; the great Academy Awards powerhouse of the season it ain't. Even combined, the prestige sheen of the biopic and star power of Leonardo diCaprio (in old man makeup! Making eyes at Armie Hammer! Talking with a funny accent!) couldn't even buoy J. Edgar to match the opening numbers of Hereafter, and that was just a movie about Matt Damon seeing dead people.

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