What Happy Madison Intern is Behind the Sad, Sad Jack and Jill Twitter Page?

jackandjillposter300.jpgIt's Friday, opening day for Sony's legendarily crapped-upon Adam Sandler vehicle Jack and Jill -- so what better time to launch a Jack and Jill Twitter feed than today, amirite? So the timing's not so good; at the time of this writing the page is just a few hours old. But the Tweets?? PRICELESS. Trust me: Skip the movie, hold onto your $10, and instead give it to the poor Happy Madison intern you might imagine slaving away in the office on a Friday trying to drum up interest in the abysmal comedy one unintentionally hilarious awful Tweet at a time. After the jump, a selection of the mind-blowingly best-worst Jack and Jill Tweets thus far. You're welcome.

[Note: Judging from the sheer desperation coming off each Tweet it's either Sony-backed or the best joke you'll see all week.]

Behold: The most insanely clueless, unintentionally hilarious, desperate last-minute movie twitter feed of all time!

Dress up your dogs and cats as Jack and Jill and send us your best photos! We'll pick the best one to win a phone call from Allen Covert!
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Animal abuse!

@JEdgarMovie Best of luck this weekend!
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You'll need it!

Which one of you guys would date Jill? Be honest! #JackAndJill
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We all have a "Jill" in our life - in 140 characters tell us about your Jill and win a chance to be a walk on in the sequel
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Whoa, whoa, whoa... let's not go making threats, Sony.

Hey @Drake! Can you tweet your followers about #jackandjill? DM us if you need tickets for you & your "crew!"
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Happy Veterans Day! You know who the real war heroes are? Brothers & sisters! Tweet your best #siblingbattle story @ us. Winner gets RT'd!
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My. GOD.

Whose got a fat cousin? Put him in a wig and tweet us a photo, first 5 get RT's!!!
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Okay, okay. Good joke. This Twitter feed can't be real. Right?



  • Jon says:

    It's clearly a joke.

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Yes. But it's fun to pretend... as a friend said, "Whatever it takes to make Adam Sandler to stop shitting on America."

  • j'accuse! says:

    You just have to rent the entire first class cabin, pay off the first class stewardess, slip something into Mr. Sandler's drink, have your forger pose as his closest confidant (Nick Swardson?), then journey deep into Mr. Sandler's subconscious and plant the idea of never, ever making a film ever again. It's called inception. I guess the kick will be the The Hanukkah Song.

  • Martini Shark says:

    While I might be able to tolerate the song slowed down as the score I could not tolerate everyone asking if the dreidle stops spinning.

  • Jay says:

    I wish it were for real... but even as a faux tweet it's hilarious!

  • Trace says:

    Why would I go to all that trouble just to implant an idea he might forget in five minutes?

  • j'accuse! says:

    Oh man! Perfect. It'll keep them guessing for ages.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Fair enough. It is Sandler we're talking about.