New We Need to Talk About Kevin Trailer: The Baddest Seed

Tilda Swinton's extreme exasperation is always a cinematic treat, but We Need to Talk About Kevin looks like it will achieve record levels of mania. As the mother of a sociopathic son (Ezra Miller), Swinton is giving it her all, which makes her underdog status in the Best Actress race a bit disappointing. Here, watch as Kevin tortures his mother to the tune of Buddy Holly's "Everyday" and adds some believable terror to your Halloween. Cannot wait for this movie.

Possessed, evil children are always good on screen. The full spectrum from The Exorcist to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Veruca is craycray!) is memorable, and Kevin will fit right in -- and maybe outdo all contemporaries.

'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Trailer [YouTube]