Make Your Own Yarn Ryan Gosling: Some Heroes Are Crocheted

drivecrochet300.jpgDespite that one disgruntled moviegoer's complaints, there are plenty of diehard members of the cult of Drive, which incidentally has racked up a cool $30 million to date. Not too shabby, Film District. Perhaps it's fitting, then, that Ryan Gosling's Driver character has now been commemorated in the cutest, cuddliest way imaginable: as a crocheted amigurumi doll, complete with his signature toothpick and a yarn hammer. And you thought YOU were obsessed with Drive. Hit the jump for today's Buzz Break...

[Pictorial Gosling via Film District]

• Today in celebrity movie reviews: Olivia Wilde totally dug Take Shelter. [@OliviaWilde]

• Magnet Releasing has secured the rights to the Christian Slater-starring horror pic Playback, about an evil spirit that possesses its victims via video playback. The film will hit theaters in March with an Ultra VOD campaign in February. WHICH MEANS WE'LL ALL BE AT RISK! [Press release]

• Bong Joon-ho's record-setting Korean monster movie The Host - the film that nearly ¼ of Korea saw in theaters -- is breaking new ground by getting the 3-D conversion treatment. [THR]

One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray has a new graphic novel coming out, entitled Everlast. Guessing it's not about dating co-stars, eh? Zing! Ah, sorry. Low blow. To make up for it, here's the synopsis: "A pre-apocalyptic tale, Everlast (paper-over-board hardcover, 104 pp, $19.95, ISBN: 978-1-932386-97-4) follows Derek Everlast, a man whose destiny in life is guiding others to a place of rebirth for mankind called Haven. Following an instinct called the Nudge, bestowed on him by a higher power, Derek is guided to the next chosen human destined to survive, a little girl named Melissa. In a harrowing adventure, he must deliver her safely to Haven before the End of Days." [Press release]

• "What is hidden in snow, comes forth in the thaw." Browse Sony's new viral website for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which slowly (warning: reeeeally slowly) unveils images from the film. [SlashFilm]