Watch Ellen Barkin Strangle Demi Moore, Battle Ellen Burstyn in Emotionally-Charged Another Happy Day Trailer

Imagine Rachel Getting Married, but instead of one emotionally unpredictable family member silently threatening to upset a family wedding, there are multiple. Enter Another Happy Day, the directorial debut of Sam Levinson (son of Barry) which features Ellen Barkin in a juicy comeback role as the volatile mother of the groom, Ellen Burstyn as her mother, Thomas Haden Church as her ex, Demi Moore as her ex's new wife, recent Verge designee Ezra Miller as her drug addict son and Kate Bosworth as her cutter daughter. If your head's not yet spinning, click ahead to see the family member-on-family member emotional crimes on display in the trailer for the messy matrimonial movie event of the year.

To be more specific, Barkin plays a troubled matriarch, who, following years of mothering missteps, attends the wedding of an estranged son (Michael Nardelli) after springing her other son (Ezra Miller) from rehab. During the course of the wedding weekend, Barkin's character clashes with her own resentful mother (Burstyn), strangles her ex's former stripper wife (Moore), hits her son (Miller) and unleashes her own complicated, pent-up emotions on anyone within crying or screaming range.

After the film ignited a Sundance bidding war earlier this year, Mandalay Vision snapped up the angsty indie, written and directed by Levinson. Look for Another Happy Day in theaters November 4.

VERDICT: Bring on the crazy.



  • The Pope says:

    Actors love those emotionally self- indulgent characters... but it's really difficult to make work and all too often you end up asking; "And your point is?"