See Michelle Williams Skinny Dip As Marilyn Monroe in New My Week With Marilyn Photo

Another still from Simon Curtis's drama My Week with Marilyn has surfaced, this time showing Michelle Williams swimming as the iconic bombshell. Click through to see the latest, semi-scandalous photo and hang around for more Buzz Break.


[via CinemaBlend via DailyMail]

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  • Remy says:

    Shame we don't quite get to see if the water is cold or not.

  • KRIS the KLINGON says:

    I just want to there a tail-less dolphin in the water with her?

  • eviltwit says:

    She strikes me as being too skinny to play the curvy Monroe, but whatever. Stick figures are "in" even when they're playing "curvy".

  • Lili Tuttle says:

    Just so you know Eviltwit, Marilyn wasn't as curvy as everyone presumes. I've seen her costumes and her measurements are 34-22-36 (coincidentally a the same as myself, just an inch smaller in the waist. I am a modern size 6 and 5 in shorter than her.) Even when her weight did fluctuate due to miscarriage/depression etc she never went larger than a modern size 10/12. She looks curvy due to her small waist, a feature that modern women are (sadly) losing and fail to accentuate properly. And skinny woment were in vogue during Marilyns time too - look at Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot who were all extremely thin.

  • no-lies says:

    Know why women have very small waist back then? Because they are wearing corsets, those that are literally reducing waist lines with regular use. I just hate this comparison thing wherein they compare all of the voluptous women of the older times with the skinniest of the modern times. Why don't include Kim and Beyonce on this comparison? Don't be biased, many will disagree with Kim because they hate her but just focused on comparing them to the physical appearance since it is the topic anyway.