Face to Face: Does Latest Dragon Tattoo Image Owe a Debt to Apple?

New images and behind the scenes peeks are steadily emerging over at The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Tumblr Mouth Taped Shut, including a new piece of maybe-poster art for the December 21 thriller. But there's something familiar in the way Daniel Craig's face is split by Rooney Mara's shadowy profile. Was someone over at Sony marketing borrowing from the Apple playbook?

Take a look at the new Dragon Tattoo art, in which Craig's (as Mikael Blomkvist) face is bisected by the profile outline of Mara's Lisbeth Salander. Even her nose piercing makes a perceptible shadow on his stubbly mug:


Now, where have we seen something like this before? Old school Mac users, you'll know what I'm getting at here...



Uncanny, no? Weigh in on the resemblance below.

[Mouth Taped Shut via Cinema Blend]


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